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Hi does anyone on here take sucraflate for reflux excessive mucus ?

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Hi I have this but my dr trying to say any mucus is nothing to do with my reflux ect. Could you tell what happened to you and what the dr did tests and what he said was wrong with you x


Hi, don’t know where to start really it started about four years ago , I have bronchiectasis and copd but I kept literally chocking on like mucus whit frothy or clear jell like then within a few weeks it would change colour as it had got onto my lung and became infected and that’s how it goes vicious circle, I’ve tried ppi drugs but don’t seem to help, eventually the did a manometery test and discovered I had jackhammer esophogus the esophogus spasms and stays open so then it begins...., if you type in search box my name you may see some of my posts , it’s been too long now they cannot operate as I would not survive op my lungs are too poor ??!! Ask away if I can answer any specific questions, good luck x

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What where your symptoms owen x


Well I tried sucralfate but omg didn’t help me at all massive pains in my gut and just thickened the horrid stuff all my hopes were pinned on this so sad c xx