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Stent fitted today...

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And boy o boy what a difference already.

Within 2 hours of getting back on the ward husband was sipping on some very dilute orange squash without incident. Cannot believe the difference already.

By the time I left the hospital tonight he'd managed a jug (750ml )of squash and a cup of clear soup. No foam,no wretching, no mucous.

I know it's very early days but considering he couldn't manage anything orally at all (including his own saliva) it's great news.

I'm now on a mission to find out as much information on herceptin and if it really is all its made out to be and if it will give us some more precious time together.

L xx

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That's great news it makes such a difference being able to eat and drink without the worry of wretching. You keep on your mission regarding Herceptin as I previously said one of our members has been on it for over 3 years and is still doing well. Is Oncologist has said he will on it as long as it continues to work.And if it eventually stops working there will be other treatments so it's not all gloom.

Wishing you both the very best.


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lynnbibb in reply to phil

SO pleased it's made such a difference Lucy. Stay strong, and you'll both be very much in our thoughts xx

Oh lucy ,so pleased to read your post . And thank you for updating us ,taking the time when you must have so much on your plate .

We're all here rooting for you both and thinking of you and your husband .

Don't forget to take some time to look after yourself as well .

That is great news and so comforting for you x

Great News hopefully you can build him up now. Thinking of you.

Good Luck


Wonderful news - when you feel physically better, you cope better with all the hard decisions about treatment. I really wish you both the best and hope that you find some effective treatment . x

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