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I had always had a slow heartbeat until i had a swallow test 5 days after my Ivor Lewis operation on my oesophageal cancer 6 months ago. Following the swallow test it shot upto 170bpm, no one seemed concerned although the bleeper was going off all the time. Now my heart beat is 70's at rest and goes upto 170 bpm at times.Has anybody else experience a different heart rate after surgery?.

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Hi there,

I'm 4 and a half years post Ivor Lewis op. Three days after my op and while I was in the CCU at Chelsea, my heart rate increased similarly to yours and was brought down overnight with drugs. My resting heart rate before the op was around 59 and now I believe (but I haven'the checked lately) its around 70. If I were you I would get it checked again definitely. I hope you are doing well otherwise? We're very lucky to have such brilliant cancer teams looking after us. Take good care. Love Angi xx


Didnot have much time to think about operation as it all went so quickly. I had nothing to drink for 5 days then they tell me to drink a pint of foul tasting liquid just before my ct scan.Don't if that caused the change in heartbeat but like i said none of the experts seemed over concerned. My son had a collapsed lung last year and after the 3rd time decided to operate, and he also has now got a faster heart rate, same thing happened to him and drs at Newcastle were not duly concerned. He has now moved to Edinburgh where he is being checked out by specialist.

Were you given much detail about your Ivor Lewis operation ?, and how are doing after over 4 years. My main concern is the feeling that the Pecs muscle on right hand side tightens uo and pushes on my ribs and lungs. Consultant recommended tabs for nerve end damage.

Hardly had a day off work until this op, because i worked in a factory which requires manual work i'm still off has i can only go back on 8 hour shifts.

You take care and all the best



Hi Martin I'm doing really well - it will be 5 years in October since my op. I get occasional dumping if I overeat or have too many carbs. But you get to manage it and realise when you've done it! I know they deflated my lungs and broke a rib to get into my oesophagus from the back. I do get a bit of tightness around right top of ribs after eating sometimes. We are all different though. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Love Angi xx


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