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Pain after Endoscopy

Not sure if this is in the right section...anyway I had an endoscopy on Friday and I've never felt pain like it. I was under sedation but don't believe it worked. The nurse who put my line in said 'I don't know if that will work but they can do it when you get there'. I also had the throat spray. I was gagging all the way through it and felt everything. This endoscopy was to remove gallstones from the gallbladder. Afterwards I was in agony. I felt like I had been in a car crash. Couldn't sit up, lie on my side or even move. The nurse gave me paracetamol which did nothing. She then gave me codine which did nothing then morphine. I was discharged from hospital yesterday and I'm still in a lot of pain. I find it hard to move sit up and it hurts if I inhale. I had a c section 4 weeks ago and that was far less painful than this.

In the hospital they scanned me as they thought they might have perforated the diaphragm the scan came back clear. The doctor didn't give me any other explanation and sent me home. Has anyone else had experience of this?

I really don't want to go back to the same ward/ hospital where I had the procedure.

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When people refer to an endoscopy on this site they are normally referring to an examination by endoscope that at most takes biopsies from the oesophagus or stomach. Your procedure sounds much more invasive, and much more delicate in relation to the gall bladder. So the pain might be associated with what they had to do to try and remove the gallstones, perhaps with some kind of scarring / injury during the process. They have given you a scan and apparently discounted perforation, which is a good thing. Your normal course would be to return to the hospital. It might 'settle down' of its own accord, in which case it would be a question of pain killers in the meantime; the alternative is that there is something else causing the pain, perhaps an unresolved gallstone that has shifted? or something else?

I think I would go back to your GP for advice. There may be a report that the hospital has done that the GP can gain access to.


Sorry to hear your in so much pain. How are you feeling now ? I think you def need checked out as sure you shouldn’t be in so much pain. You need checked out as something obviously isn’t right. x


Although I have never heard of them removing stones in that way so is it normal, I wouldn’t like today for sure.


Hi this is a ERCP to remove stones slightly different to a normal endoscopy. I had a couple of failed attempts at this. I would speak to your consultants secretary if they have sent you home in pain. Although I had this done and gallbladder removal this site is for Oesphagel patients. Maybe better to go on gallbladder page.

Good Luck



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