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Goodnight Acid Reflux, Hello Sleep! Bed Wedge special offer from the OPA and Putnams

Goodnight Acid Reflux, Hello Sleep! Bed Wedge special offer from the OPA and Putnams

Many people with oesophageal disease have to sleep propped up. This can be difficult but some find a wedge pillow helpful. These can be quite expensive.

So, the OPA has teamed up with Putnam Pillows to provide their standard Bed Wedge - Acid Reflux at an affordable price to you of only £27.98.

The OPA is putting £12.50 per pillow towards this partnership. Putnams have, on top of that, agreed to a generous discount. The standard retail price is £57.92, you only pay £27.98 - saving over 48%.

To take advantage of this offer

1. Please call or email the OPA first and we will give you a Discount Code. Call us on 0121 704 9860 or email enquiries@opa.org.uk.

2. With the Discount Code, call Putnams on 01752 345 678, email info@putnams.co.uk or visit putnams.co.uk/collections/b...

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I'd recommend this wedge. Have had serious problems with bile reflux despite 4" blocks under the bedhead. Now I also have this wedge the problem has been resolved. It does take a bit of getting used to -it's like sleeping on a ski slope-but it does work. (16 years post IL)


I thought the wedge, at least the one from the hospital (which was no bargain) was very uncomfortable. So, although expensive, considering the life long elevation needed - we went for the Tempur-Pedic bed with adjustments for height and legs. There are several models which go from the more inexpensive to the crazy expensive - but, it may be worth a look - this isn't something that is going to go away - we have to be propped up so we might as well be comfortable. Also, a note that most of those places have 4 year - 0% interest deals.


I purchased an adjustable frame which fits at the top of the bed and has about six or so different heights, so that you can experiment with what suits you best.

I still use quite a lot of pillows and have found I can only sleep in a sort of sitting position without having regurgitation problems which quite frankly I try to avoid at all costs.

If I try to sleep on either side I get problems within about a half hour, and so I have just got used to sleeping on my back and now after two years or so post IL that doesn't present a problem for me. In the early days I was choking in the middle of the night and it really is an awful experience so I do sympathise, The frame for me wasn't a particularly expensive option, I think it cost about twenty pounds, but if anyone wants a contact to buy one please let me know as I will still have an invoice somewhere!

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