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ivor lewis op

hi i am 12 weeks post op ,ivor lewis operation ,when i breathe in hard i have a pain which feels like its in the lower part of my lung ,should i panic , help needed ,thanks guys

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Two and a half years post Ivor Lewis and if it's very cold or I have driven long distance, I still can experience pain; though rarely now need any kind of pain relief. Welcome to the new normal! However, if you're concerned, always contact your surgical team - they 'll always help or advise...


Honorius is absolutely right. re the "new normal". And he is also right that the first port of call when essentially medical issues are involved should always be the medical experts. We provide reinforcement and insight but should steer clear of areas where we lack expertise.


I have just been diagnosed with Pleurisy (three years after my surgery). This was after I developed a shortness of breath, when walking or eating or both. At the weekend the pain in my left chest and back, became just too much to bear, with me unable to get any big breaths in and also unable to get any sleep due to the pain not receding, despite several attempts at changing position.

It was just not funny. I gave in and we called the NHS helpline who sent a Paramedic, then I was off to the MEDOC who have diagnosed Pleurisy. It matches all of my symptoms almost perfectly and I am now on Penicillin ad liquid morphine. I will take this as it is not Cancer (again) and after two days the pain is receding and I am starting to feel better.

Good luck


I would say it is normal ,if they collapsed your lung like they did mine ,I couldn’t breathe deep for quite a while. Speak with your CSN if you are worried. Was you given breathing exercises in hospital?



thanks debbie



As you know they pull your stomach up between your lungs - gastric pull up. Mine can be seen in scans to rest on my right lung and so yours will likely be either this or as someone mentioned, as they deflate your lung during the oesphagectomy, your lung may not have fully expanded as what happened in mine (I had complication during surgery which extended the surgery from 8 to 12 hours).

I continue to have this sensation 18 months later. I wouldn't worry about it. To set your mind at ease you should ask to see the images they will have taken post-surgery and ask your surgeon to explain it to you. You could also ask to have your lung capacity tested for further reassurance.

But definitely don't panic. Hope this helps.


thanks for a positive reply good luck in the future


Whatever you do, don't panic! 12 weeks is early days and chest pains post-op are quite normal. I would suggest that you get some physiotherapy and take regular exercise and, if the pain does not ease in a few weeks, consult your medical team.


thanks spikey ,appreciate it


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