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Acid burn

Hi I'm Marie I have just been prescribed ranitidine .I was on pantoprazole for a few days but have to come off it to be tested for ulcer causing infection,I have been unable to sleep or eat and drink property for weeks due to acid reflux n had difficulty swallowing also back ache in one area below left shoulder blade I cough alot I feel asthmatic but I am not and I know it's just the burnt oesophagus, generally feeling unwell don't know what to do should I go back on original medication , I'm worried bout developing cancer

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I have replied on your other post. It's best to keep to one post- thread.

You could also ask for referal to ENT re: throat concerns. May be quicker than Gastroenterology.

I am on Zoton Fastab Lansoprazole orodispersible. I believe they are best protection. Symptoms returned when swapped to generic Lansoprazole capsules.

ENT would do Nasendoscope in clinic appointment.

Some people find Gaviscon Advance Peppermint or Peptac helps. Especially at night.

Unless you have Arthritis in the neck use lots of pillows at night. To try to prevent Laryngopharyngeal Reflux which "pools" in the throat at night.


I wish I could give you a((( hug))). My transplant surgeon's nurse told me pantoprazole can damage kidneys quickly and is for very short usage. Rantadine is better and is prescription strength zantac. Sorry for your discomfort and pain. Prayers sent ^^^^.

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