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Tightening in throat

I posted a few weeks ago about feeling sick constantly when I was on holiday at the beginning of December. Well that feeling is back, alongside vomiting bile. The weird addition is feeling like i've got a kind of lump in my throat or a tightening of my throat and gurgling in my throat. At first I was convinced this was throat cancer, but it only really happens at night so now i'm less inclined to think that. Now i'm wondering if I need a stretch as it can feel like its closing up. The only other thing I have read about is globus? which is a feeling of a lump in the throat which seems to be psychological and worsened by stress. Has anyone had this feeling?

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I had difficulty swallowing and an investigation showed I had a pharyngeal pouch in my neck. At that stage I hadn’t been dx with PA. And I still have the trouble swallowing, nothing to be done about it. Best wishes


The gurgling could be a pouch, or diverticulum, where the saliva and air collect and then get released, every so often. You may find that if you swallow, there is a little burp that happens a few seconds later? Lying down at night might have the effect of saliva not running down with gravity as it does in the daytime.

If you are refluxing bile regularly, this may have an effect on your throat and create sensitivity.

Globus sensation is not uncommon, I believe. Whether or not it is partly psychological, the system does tend to work better if you are relaxed and not tense.

I think I would tend to concentrate on the bile aspect. It is a strong alkali which can feel as if it is burning your throat, and it would need checking out because if you do have bile reflux some medications for acid reflux would not work. But perhaps I am over reacting to your comment about this.

Try taking Gaviscon Advance at night for a while and see if this makes any difference.


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