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Return of cancer in a lymph node

Hallo All

I received this message from a concerned patient who doesn't want to post themselves.

"Im messaging you for some advice please.My partner was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer (upper oesophagus) over 18 months ago.They said it was inoperable but they said they was going for curative treatment with chemo/radio.It was touch and go but he got the all clear and he's been cancer free for 18 months until a recent scan showed a lymph node was cancerous.They said it was very tiny,about 1cm but this still worrys us.After a chat with my partners oncologist,she's quite confident the cancer will be gone with another lot of curative treatment.My question to you is,have you come across this before and have they lived to tell the tale? I am worried out my mind that this cancer is going to come back with a vengeance."

any comment/advice/experience? I know someone will be able to provide some.


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I can only post from my own experience and view point. The word "curative" is never used lightly by any Oncologist. I think you have balance up Quality of Life against any Curative Treatment. Apart from that, it is a no brainer and if offered you you take it.

Good luck to your friend.


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