Operation Eve

Well we've had Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve so might as well have an Operation Eve today!

I've been quiet of late but that's because there has been nothing of interest to report 😂. That's was until late Friday afternoon when the hospital called hubby and asked if he would be willing to take a cancellation on Monday if so hot foot it to hospital there and then to get his pre-op assessment done.

And here we are. The consultant called at about 9.30pm on Friday saying all his blood works and tests etc had come back fine so he was good to go for Monday. As it was a cancellation appointment there is not enough time to get the paperwork in place for the clinical trial he was offered so it's the "normal" open Ivor Lewis procedure.

I'm sure we'll have a whole load of questions after the op in terms of recovery etc but so glad that the day is almost here and the arse wipe of a disease can get to f#£k!!!! 🙊🙊😂

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  • Glad things are progressing..the sooner the better!! I'm sure everything will go well, best of luck and let us know how it all goes xxx

  • All the very best to you.

    It's a tough journey but it's worth it.

    You've come this far!

    It will be a long day so try and surround yourself with people and keep busy. Remember the longer it takes the better, because at least they are able to complete the op.

    Will be thinking of you both!

    Amy xxxxx

  • Good luck. Stay in touch. Haward

  • My very best wishes to you. You're one of the small but fortunate few for whom this surgery is possible; the procedure is huge but only ever undertaken with curative intent: today is the start of the rest of your life.

  • Thinking of you both and wishing all the very best.


  • I had mine done over five years ago age 64, I was back at work (plumbing) after 8 months and still working now with no plans to retire, best of luck, be brave never give in.

  • It is good to keep in mind that everyone is different - I think it is great that some people can re-join their workforce earlier rather than later but it all depends on each persons own circumstances.

  • Wishing you all the very best for your op.

  • Good luck. I hope all goes well. In two days time it will be three years since mine. I can understand how you’re both feeling but it’s worth it !

    Keep us up to date

    You’re certainly in my thoughts

  • I hope all went well ~ keep us posted xx

  • Positive thoughts to you all.


  • It's a bumpy journey,but stay positive and life is sweet at the end of the day,I'm 9 years post op now and as I say to many people,yes I still get a few bumpy bits ,but hey ho I'm here to tell my tale and life is good Take care and good luck

  • Hope it all went well. My hubby had his op in August and is recovering well. Keep in touch!

    Lou xxx

  • Hope the op went well, I remember being very put out that the physio wanted me to get out of bed and move around slightly with loads of bags and tubes. But 8 years on it was worth the long haul. Hugs Lizzy

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