Oesophaegectomy and Linx band

Greetings and Happy New Year,

I have been reading this forum for past few hours and really helpful it is.

I have HH GERD and have acid reflux for as long as I can remember in childhood. I am 39 male. T1 adinocarcinoma was detected in biopsy while investigating for reflux in Oct 2017. Had preoperative assessment on 4th Jan18 and have IL surgery on 6th Feb in Aberdeen.

I have had downtime of 8 months (5months in bed) many years back due to an accident and associated surgeries. So been through that and have experience of hospital major surgery and recovery. However I was bachelor and active at that time and now with responsibility for wife and two primary age children while laziness crept to keep myself fit.

I watched IL surgery video and was but upset about the permanent changes it does. But hope for the best.

My main concern is the reflux continuation after surgery, as is evident from other people's experiences. The surgeon has agreed to my disposition that that the cancer is outcome of the long term reflux.

While I read GERD and lesser of HH patients done Linx installation, are there are cases where Linx was installed in patients undergone Oesophagectomy to counter reflux?

Any information will be really useful.

Thank you.

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  • I was diagnosed at a later stage (3 query 4) squamous cell but I was only 32 when I was diagnosed. I had my total esophagectomy on the 9th of Ferruary 2007 (I had chemo first). I do have a life afterwards, both my children were born before I turned a 5 year survivor and I am an 11 year survivor at this stage. I am sorry that I cannot really help with your questions but just to reassure you that you can be an active parent and work post surgery.

  • Thanks for the kind words. Encouraging.

  • I was in the same position as you with stage one adinocarcinoma 11 years ago. This was also caused by reflux since my early teens. After the operation I had very little reflux but I do take daily PPI and Gaviscon at night if needed usually after eating to late. It takes time to recover from the operation but you will make a good recovery and with minor adjustments lead a normal active life.

    A mate of mine had the operation aged 37 18 years ago and he is a very competent cyclist training at quite a high level so at your age and at stage one you will do well.

    All the best


  • Thanks Phil. Good to see analogue comparison here. Very useful. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    To be honest I hate the reflux and hate is a very strong word which I never used.

    I am keen to go for LINX implant on my own funding when I get back to work when oil industry recovers.

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