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Fizzy drinks, coughing, GERD?

Hello. I’m currently on omaprezal (excuse the spelling) for suspected GERD and am awaiting an endoscopy.

Over the Christmas and new year period I have failed to take the medication and drunk a fuck tonne of fizzy and even smoked while I’d indulged in alcohol.

This morning I took a swig of Pepsi from the bottle (not something I’d usually do) and after had a raging cough for about half an hour and now a very sore throat. I was wondering can Pepsi alone cause you to cough like that?

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It is probably the effects of the extra pressure on your digestion system over the festive season that you described, and treating it more kindly for a period will no doubt help.

If you take Omeprazole and then leave it off you are quite likely to get a 'bounce' effect of extra reflux while the body gets used to not having the medication. The sore throat could be the acid from not taking the Omeprazole, or coughing up reflux, because this medication switches off the acid production in your stomach.

I think it all depends on how long you have taken the Omeprazole for originally, and when the endoscopy date is use as to whether you are best to resume taking the Omeprazole. Quite often Omeprazole is prescribed for a few weeks to see whether the reduced acid heals the underlying problem (eg an ulcer), so seeing how you get on without it might be OK. I think it all depends on what the original doctor had in mind when you saw them.

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Really rantadine is better. And avoid pantoprazole as it can damage your kidneys quickly. Rantadine is prescription strength zantac. Don't drink fizzy drinks in the afternoon. They may keep you wanting to elevate your head at night and try sleeping on your left side. Always check expiration date on colas. Good luck😄


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