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I am 9 weeks post op i sneezed quite hard and it really hurts where they took part of my rib away during op ,should i worry ,happy new year to you all

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  • No need to worry, but we all know it really does hurt. That area around the big scar on your back and side will probably go on being tender for a long time, but it does slowly improve.

  • HI

    Thanks for your post ,i was starting to go into panic mode ,you have made me feel better ,happy new year

  • Patchwork is right! Good luck. Haward

  • thanks haward , all the best

  • Hi Rasor - I am also about 9 weeks post op and have had a nasty cold and cough and I know exactly what you mean the sneezing and coughing has really aggravated my side but even after a few days of not coughing and sneezing it is settling back down - I guess it will just take time for us both to get better - good luck with your recovery

  • thanks for your post ,onwards and upwards for us both ,happy new year

  • I wouldn’t have thought you should be too worried unless of course it hasn’t been tender since the op or if you think it’s getting worse. I gather that all Ivor Lewis ops involve actually breaking the rib and cutting through loads of connective tissue and muscle over the shoulder blade - this will take a long time to heal.

    I’m three years Post Ivor Lewis and I hate to tell you this but it still hurts when I cough, sneeze or doing anything else that involves contraction of the rib cage.

    Talk to your surgeon and/or oncologist the next time you have a check up or go see your GP sooner if it persists.

    If you go back through the history here you’ll see a number of us complain about a myriad of pains around the ring cage and shoulder blade.

    I personally am taking pregabbalin to deaden the nerves in my rib cage as they still give me significant pain

  • thank you so much

  • Hi dont worry everything hurts at first. If you have a cushion or pillow handy and you know your going to sneeze protect the area with it. Im 21months post op and my ribs, scar under arm ache in cold weather too. Early days for you.

    Best Wishes


  • thanks for your post

  • I am 6 months post op and still hurts down right hand side from big scar at back to chest bone, seems to be the Pectoralis major muscle which feels like it tightens up when i lift anything or stretch my arm up.Gradually getting better and sneezing and coughing has abated as well. Take it easy one day at a time. Happy new year.

  • Takes ages for that tightening feeling to go and even when it does it sometimes comes back during exercise. But it does get better. Haward

  • i think we all want to run before we can walk sometimes.

  • Hi im sure this is normal, hubby had quite a bit of pain for a while especially around the rib area. Hoping that you make a steady recovery.

  • thanks for your response happy new year

  • I'm 2 yrs post op and still have pain. Spoke to my surgeon and he booked me in for a nerve block. I have it tomorrow.

  • As per all the above: Don't worry. Two and a half years on it still hurts from time to time... In the cold, sleeping awkwardly, coughing, sneezing, twisting, all can precipitate it. Just part of the new normal! Happy New Year to you. It's onwards and upwards fro here on in!

  • please let me know how you get on

  • thanks for info

  • 9 weeks? Don't want to alarm you but I'm 16 years post IL and it still feels like I've been run over by a road roller some days-enjoy your new life!!

  • Toot toot Mrtoad I'm 26 years post-op and it still hurts like the devil.

  • My mum had ribs taken out for a lung op, the worst part of her recovery was due to pain where her ribs were removed, also a friend had a rib removed, he said it was the worst pain ever!

  • Geshundheit! Well, here we say bless you. Watch those sneezes, Rasor. I have to hold my belly. Most of my small intestines trapped in a hernia. Three surgeries in two years. Coughing or sneezing can really shock you, right? Best of luck in 2018. From Galveston, Texas.

  • thanks, duchess happy new year

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