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Problems with PICC line?

My husband went for his second chemo session last Thursday and the nurse thought there was a problem with his PICC line as she couldn't get blood out (although it was flushing ok). After a long wait the consultant radiologist injected dye and X-rayed it and all was clear. By then, however, it was too late to have his chemo that date as it was already 3pm so he had to go back yesterday to have it. Not really a problem, just a nuisance as it's put his schedule back by a day and means his next one is on January 5 (so not 4th, the same as you Mace!). Just wondered whether anyone else had encountered this problem?

Best wishes to you all and I hope you have as good a Christmas as possible x

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Hi Kate

I am sorry you will not be there on 4th. It would have been good to meet up.

I had the same problem with the PIC line. In the end they just accepted that they could never get blood out when they flushed it through.

I hope your husband is finding round 2easier to cope with. Cheer yourself up by realising that you are more than half way through.

I am doing well but because I have also developed a problem with my heart rate being far too fast and very uneven I still get very breathless which is tiresome as otherwise I feel fine.

I hope you manage to have a reasonable Christmas .

Best wishes



Hi Mace,

I guess they were just acting on the safe side. Hopefully, this session won't be so bad as the oncologist (Dr G) has reduced the dose by 20% .We'll have to wait and see.

Sorry to hear that your heart rate is giving problems. Are you on any medication for it?

Actually, we have to be at the Centre on the 4th for bloods etc, so, if they allow it, we may be able to pop in and say hello at least! Then perhaps we can arrange to meet for coffee - depending of course on how you are feeling.

Hope you manage to have a decent Christmas. Ours will be very quiet without the usual eating and drinking!! Perhaps that's no bad thing though.

All the best to you and yours, Kate x



Yes I am on loads of pills for my heart although they are not working particularly well. Still Mr Kumar is on the case for me so I am sure they will get it sorted.

It would be good to see you on 4th if they will let you in. I will probably be wearing a very fetching denim hat with buttons all over it as being bald makes my head cold!!

I hope the reduction in chemo makes your husband feel a bit better through this round of chemo. He may find he can start to eat again within the next few days in which case he will probably start to feel much brighter.

Try to have a good Christmas.

All the best


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You mentioned the denim hat before- sounds very fetching! Stephen's hair (although he hasn't got much anyway!) hasn't yet started to all come out - although we're told this usually happens after the 2nd session. So I expect he'll be like you by round 3. He's already starting to eat better and had his first "proper" meal in weeks this evening - albeit a bit mashed up.

Will certainly try and charm our way in on the 4th! If they let us, which hopefully they will. Do we ask for Mr Mace, or is that a user name for this site? If they won't allow us through, then I'll leave a note for you at reception with contact details. No pressure, it's entirely up to you whether you wish to use them.

I hope Mr Kumar can get you sorted soon. Did you have this problem before, or has it been brought on by the treatment? Stephen has been on BP medication for years, but finds he gets a bit breathless on exertion now. He's had an ECG but all was normal then. I suppose we just have to keep a careful eye on things. I'm in charge of temperatures and injections but I think I dislike the latter as much as he does! Still, as you rightly say, we're nearly halfway through the first bout!

Enough of all our ails for now. Once again, hope you can have a good Christmas. Best wishes, Kate



My name is Vanessa. Hope they will let you in. It would be fun to meet.

The heart problem was diagnosed at the same time as the cancer and an under active thyroid. Until then I had a very slow heart rate so they are all a bit confused about what is going on. I didn't lose all my hair until I was operated on strangely . It is now growing back but of course will all fallout again once chemo gets going. Very dull!!

Have as good a Christmas as you can

All the best


Hi Vanessa!

Because the face next to your name has a blue surround, I thought you were male! Apologies! That'll teach me to make assumptions! Yes, it would be good to meet but - as I said - if they won't let me pop in, I'll leave a note for you and then you can decide whether to make contact.

All the best and take care of yourself, Kate


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