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Anyone recommend exercises to tone up my torso post transhiatal esophagectomy - roof top scars

Op was 4 years ago .Still quite conscious of discomfort/pain from surgery and site of feeding tube . Makes me overprotective of the area and I feel I'm not using muscles in that area as I should .

I garden and carry heavy shopping etc - which is always reflected in areas in torso hurting .

Does anyone have any exercises they could recommend ,have tried themselves ?

I'm loathe to contact hospital or GP - the latter has surgery on special measures plus a sudden death of one of GP's ,no appointments until next year .And even when the surgery was functioning the wait for physio was impossible .You'd be referred ,wait 12 months and then get a letter from phsio dept asking if they could take you off their list .

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Hi have you thought about using resistance bands. They were recommended to me post op but as it’s only 6 weeks since I’m not ready to use them. At the same time I did archery before my operation and they were fantastic for warming up before hand and they excerised the same areas that I am effected with now. For me that is mid right chest and back of my right shoulder.

You can buy mixed strengths of bands so you can work from low to high as you improve and loads of different ways to use them online - you can even use them sat down lol

Hope this is some help to you


Thank you ,that's really helpful .

Hope you're well on the road to recovery ,it's a bit tough at first but gets better !


Hi there see if there is a Macmillan free 12 sessions in your area or exercise group for people who have had health probs at your local leisure Centre. I had a 1 to 1 with a Macmillan personnel trainer who went through exercises in gym. I also went to Pilates which is good for you. I meet with breast cancer ladies and now meet once or twice a week to exercise together. Once the 12 sessions were up I paid a discounted price 0f 2.50. The gym was not my favouite but now I enjoy meeting up and going through my exercises. There are many people there recovering from all sorts of illnesses stroke ,heart etc it isn’t just for fitness body builders!!

Best wishes



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