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deep breathing and coughing

im seven weeks post ivor lewis procedure when taking deep breaths i start coughing is this normal thanks guys

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Well done you on getting to this stage. I would say it is "normal" at least it is with me and I am now three years post Op. This and on first waking up I will also get a tickly type cough most days that lasts just a few minutes or, until I can get a cup of tea or coffee. I suspect it is all down to the nerve damage caused by the operation? But I would be guessing here. It doesn't really bother me now as I have just become used to it.


thanks puts my mind at ease


I had a dry tickley cough in hospital after the operation and has taken nearly 4 months to abate.use to come on when i was talking but now cleared up. Just my right side where there is still pain and consultant prescribing treatment for nerve damage, it was made worse when i coughed. Take care


Afraid so! Eventually, though, the lungs do get used to being able to expand properly again. It is easier said than done, but if you can keep trying to breathe deeply, properly and well it will be better in the long run.

Sneezing can also trigger coughs.


thanks guys for putting my mind at ease


Hi yes it is the lung is collapsed during surgery and it takes a while for it to get back to normal. 3 deep breaths a day helps. Along with building up your walking.

Good Luck



Hi - I’m 2 months post operation nearly and I have the same cough but it is improving slowly but having conversations with people can be challenging as it seems to come on badly then.

But it is getting better as I hope yours will as well good luck


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