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Short of Breath

18 months ago I had Nissan Fundoplication surgery to repair a 9 cm Hiatal Hernia. I recently began having extreme amt of gas and my stomach hurting if eating solid food. Now with any activity I am so short of breath that I almost pass out when walking. This started after a bout of flu & bronchitis & lots of coughing. Scheduled for upper GI studies tomorrow.

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Hi Chapman

Depends on the current positioning of your stomach and lungs which often are fighting for the same space but post flu & bronchitis, there are a myriad of reasons why you are currently short of breath. Good luck with the studies.

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Are you able to burp/belch to relieve trapped wind? It does need proper examination to find out what has been going on, and how the surgery has (or has not) been settling down


I have no advice but im just out of hh nf op and appreciate u updating us on outcome. Best of liluck to you. G


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