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Omeprazole and Lanzoprazole not working


I am about 30 years old qnd I have been taking 20mg Omeprazole every morning for over 3 years for my acid reflux problem and I was very happy with the result. I sometimes used to take 10mg and it was sufficient. Since last week the Omeprazole suddenly stopped working so i bought Rantidine from Boots with no help as well. I have acid reflux and my stomach is very bloated. I attended hospital last night and the doctor gave me 30mg Lanzoprazole which I tried the first one this morning but it didn’t work as well. The doctor at the hospital said i need an Endoscopy to find out what is going on so i need to see my GP for it.

I had an endoscopy done just under 2 years ago, the result was clear but the doctor said I have loose stomach valve so I either have to do a surgery to put a ring around it or I should continue using Omeprazole which I chose the latter at the time.

I am going to see my GP tomorrow to arrange another Endoscopy and to see a specialist but do you know what suddenly happened and why PPIs suddenly stopped working? Thanks

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The short answer is No, and it is sometimes unwise to speculate. Much easier to have an endoscopy to investigate any underlying causes and whether these are the cause of the bloating in your stomach. Some people do not respond to PPI medication, but that has not been the case for you up until recently. There may be some form of bile reflux, in which case PPIs would not be effective. Or it might be some form of bacterial problem created by the balance in your intestines being disturbed by the lack of stomach acid; sometimes antibiotics are needed to get rid of these infections. Sometimes these infections can cause sudden diarrhoea for instance.

The ring might be the Linx device, a magnetic bracelet that is placed around the base of the oesophagus to recreate a valve effect. These type of solutions are becoming more discussed now that people are beginning to be wary of committing themsleves to long term use of PPI medication.


Hi Aria

20mg omeprazole pd is a standard dose. 10mg pd is very light. I've heard of people taking up to 80mg pd on a short term basis. Sounds as if the GP is doing the right thing - an endoscopy will give a better understanding of what is going on inside.

The drug works on everyone slightly differently but effectiveness will lessen over the long term (years) but won't stop working

Hope this helps and good luck with the endoscopy


each case is different so follow your doctor/specialist's advice. I had full Ivor Lewis eight years ago, age 72. I took omeprazole for four years I still had occasional reflux etc. So I stopped altogether and modified my diet and eating habits over a period of four or five months. I have not taken a ppi since. I now eat much smaller meals and I have a main meal midday and last meal before 7pm, it works for me.


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