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4th anniversary

Today is the 4th anniversary since my oesophagectomy!

Life is good. Never give up x

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Great to hear!

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Great news.

Wishing you continued good health.

Take care and sending hugs.

AM x


Good to hear!

Has your consultant now ‘signed you off’ ?

My wife is 3.5 years post op and like you doing well.

I’m sure you have many more miles on the clock!

Best wishes


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I see my consultant in a years time and i'm sure I will be signed off. I hope I have a good few years yet, so much to do. I am blessed as I am watching my granddaughter grow up, she is 6. I think she keeps looking forwards.

Pleased that your wife is dong well too x

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Yes life is good. I have just celebrated five years since my op in Lanzarote and am now signed off. Best wishes, James.



2yr !

5yr !!

10yr !!!

I remember celebrating everyone. Everyone thinks the worst pre-op

The OPA have a few members who had their op early on in their lives and are now 30+ yrs post op.


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