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solving your leakage problem from burning your skin

to all those with a leaking j tube at the stomach entry point,I solved the problem by using a sur-fit natura stomahesive and a clip on catchment pouch.

if you can't feed the stick on base over the j tube, then cut a fine line through from the outside of the base to the centre hole. Next clean the area around the stomach hole and place the base plate over the tube and stick it to the skin. Note: u may need to enlarge the base hole to allow fluid bypass. My wife couldn't tolerate me cliping on the catchment pouch, so I cut a small hole in the top of the pouch then passed it over the tube top and clipped it to the base plate prior to appliying it base plate over the hole in the stomach. if you only have a small j tube then all you have the do is clip both pieces together,cut a small hole in the catchment pouch and feed it all over the top of the j tube, slide it down to the stomach hole and stick the base on

Regards John

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