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Lansoprazole 30mg


I’m a 21 years old male, I have been taking Lansoprazole 30mg tablets once-a-day for around 8-9 months now for GORD. I have started to notice that I’m feeling tired all the time, with dizzy spells, confusion (struggling to gather my thoughts or think of words that I’m trying to say), and sometimes shakiness. I have read that lansoprazole after time can affect magnesium levels in the body which can cause some of theses symptoms. I am wondering if it would be best to see a doctor about this and what would they possibly be able to do, other than put me on tablets to boost my magnesium levels if it is the case that my levels have dropped. Or would they have to take me off lansoprazole, which will cause my symptoms of GORD to come back then I’ll be back to square one?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Hi idannb,

My husband also had an allergic reaction to lansoprazole ~ blisters and sores in the mouth, inflammation of the gullet and a change in taste so everything tasted salty.

I would go back to the GP to see if there is an alternative. Sometimes Omeprazole can be tolerated instead, but the doctor is best to advise. Good luck. Lynn x

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I think you need to understand the root cause of the GORD? Without that understanding you risk just getting into a cyclic dependency on drugs that are treating a symptom of something else. Have you spoken to a Dietician or a Gastroenterologist?

I am not being harsh here. You are 21 years old and have a fantastic chance to have a pain free outcome. PPI's are not a free lunch (no pun intended) What they do is to mask the symptoms of whatever is causing you to require them. That could be down to lifestyle choices, diet, excercise regime etc, etc. Or it could be a medical condition.

You need to understand this. Long term use of these tablets does "usually" come with side effects, like you describe and can include nausea .

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I think it would be wise to pay a visit to your GP as any unexplained symptoms should be looked into.If it was a magnesium deficiency your Dr should be able to offer guidance as to what to do.

Hope things get better.


Have a look at the patient information leaflet and see whether they outline these symptoms as possible side effects. You can have some tests done through your doctor to test your mineral and vitamin levels. One of the things that stomach acid does, I believe, is to help the absorption of iron and B12 so the reduction in acid might have created a shortfall leading to possible anaemia or loss of energy, but this is unqualified speculation on my part.

But you do need to go to the doctor to get this sorted out.


Besides immediately checking with your doctor: elevate the head of your bed. Pillows won't do bending at the waist may aggravate your condition. And by all means sleep on your left side only. No one ever thought to give me that tip!


Like others my advice is to go to the doctors .Get them to test your levels .


Tired! GP pronto


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