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Tingling sensation

My wife has been on ezomprazole for 10 years for barrats (sorry about spelling)her barrats has gone after been on aspect trial .

Over the last few months she has now developed what she describes as a bubbling feeling to the right side (stomach),not painful itself but pains in her legs also tingling in hands and feet.

Can any one throw light on situation

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Since I been on Lanzaprazole which is just over a year I have had tingling, numbness and pain in my feet and sometimes hands which seems to be getting worse. I have been to the doctors and they said I have peripheral neuropathy and there is nothing that can be done. I now have an appointment with a neurologist next month but in the meantime I have been put on amitriptyline which is supposed to help with nerve endings. I also have Barrett's Oesophagus and a hiatus hernia and have wondered if there is any connection between Lanzaprazole and peripheral neuropathy.


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