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PPI stopped working 2 years ago

Hi I was put on /lansoprazole about 5 years ago after developing chronic reflux. It worked really well and as long as I took it 15mg every day if I forgot I knew all about it. But about 2 years ago it just stopped working I got put on 30mg then 60mg but it didn't really help and I got a lot of side effects. I've had endoscopies and manomotry and they can't find anything but if I take ranatadine and Gaviscone it helps the symptoms. I feel really desperate now and I wonder are all PPIs the same should I try something else?

I'm thinking about the Nissan opp.

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Hi Beans

What lansoprazole brand are you on?

I have Zoton Fastab orodispersible lansoprazole tablets.

Taking Gaviscon Advance last thing at night helps. Also after lunch or last meal of the day. Also not eating at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Unless you have Arthritis in neck / degeneration of Cervical Spine then use 5 pillows.

What symptoms are you having? Damage to your throat, pain in throat?



Hi again Beans

Did you have a Barium Swallow? Results?

Have you any other Digestive tract issues? Such as Diverticular disease, gallstones, constipation,

Are you able to eat a full balanced diet and drink plenty water?


Not had the swallow and no other digestive issues that I know. I did have quite bad constipation right before the outbreak but that has gone. I use flax with my breakfast and that seems to work fine. I'm now going to try things with my food ad see what happens. I wonder if I have a sliding hernia that has so far not been picked up.


I just get whatever the pharmacy issues. The main symptom is indegstion very severe and a phlegmy cough after eating.


I'm sorry to hear PPIs stopped working for you. I take 30mg of Lansoprazole twice a day, and like you, if I ever miss a dose it's agony.

Have you tried the Orodispersable ones? I think they work a lot better, as they seem to coat the gullet as they're going down.

I think it's always worth asking for an alternative if something isn't working for you. I would talk to your GP asap, to see if he can a different one x


Hi I'm trying Nexium today as I can buy it to see what happens. I've only tried Lansoprazole and Omeprozole for a few days.


There are a significant number of people who do not respond to PPI medication. There are alternative medications like H2 antagonists (like Ranitidine) that do indeed work in a different way which is perhaps why there has been some benefit for you. Then you get antacids; and then alginates (like Gaviscon Advance) that create a protective raft for a few hours.

I would have said it is worth investigating why this is happening in terms of underlying causes, but the endoscopy and manometry would have been the normal investigative tests, and you say these are normal.

I think going to an Upper GI surgeon for advice to try and control chronic reflux is a sensible thing for you. There are clinics that will fit devices like Linx, a magnetic bracelet that fits round your oesophagus, which is less invasive than a fundoplication.

It might also be worth your while to read 'Down With Acid' written by Chris Robinson and available through the Barretts Wessex website.


Well after 2 endoscopies and manometry etc the consultant said that my reflux is at a normal level and no opp would help. I'm now on lazaprozole 30 in the morning then ranatadine early evening and at night. I've also cut out all acid and all this has helped. The consultant did suggest that there is some inflammation still there and on reflection this did all start after a really bad bout of bronchitis. So the reflux indigestion has more or less gone but the prouductive cough after eating and drinking is still there.


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