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I am apparently suffering with Acid Reflux and although no discomfort in chest or abdomen now, have a very inflamed throat and my vocal chords are being affected so hoarse voice!

Have seen ENT consultant who suggested I was referred to have an endoscopy as he could see that they were being eroded by acid and throat quite red... also a previous xray had revealed a hiatus hernia. After having the endoscopy there appeared to be no hiatus hernia but they took some biopsies. They came back all ok so waiting for a appt now for a ph test!

In the meantime I am taking omeprazole night and morning, ranitidine before meals and peptic liquid after meals, as long with sticking to a rigid acid free eating plan!! Raised the head of my bed so more or less sleep sitting up!

Have been on this eating plan now for 2 months and lost about a stone and a half! But am desperate to find what others who may suffer with this how they are coping and what sort of foods they have been able to eat and where can I find comprehensive lists of acid free foods!! Thanks

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Hi Libby. Sounds as if you had an undiagnosed problem for a long time which has led to the inflamed throat. I have had "flare ups" like this over the past two decades and the regimen you are on sounds perfect for getting your throat healed. I have also pretty much had to cut out a lot of foods for months at a time but was able to reintroduce them back in after my throat had healed and after the omeprazole had built up in my system. I would add that it is not just acidic foods to avoid but fatty foods, large amounts of carbs in one sitting and also the timing of foods which can effect your acid production. I don't eat after 6pm or I would be spitting up food and acid all night. Hopefully you'll find you heal quickly and go back to a nearly normal eating regime but with certain trigger foods left out. I can't have fried foods, alcohol or citrus fruits at all.

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I would stay off spicy food, too much alcohol or anything that seems to create a reaction. There is a book called 'Down With Acid' that you can obtain from Barretts Wessex.

There are also books like 'The GI Diet Plan' by Helen Foster; and 'Dropping Acid' by Jamie Koufman and Jordan Stern, but the general opinion is that the intensity of acid within our stomachs is far higher than the difference between one food and another. And medication will have a far greater effect than choice of food. But if you like and enjoy the recipes in the books and do not get too influenced by the claims on the front cover, they won't do any harm and may be beneficial.

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I don't have spicy food or alcohol. My diet is acid free! Are you in the USA? I am in the UK and have The Acid Watching Diet by Dr Jonathan Aviv which is very good. Feel my throat is not so hoarse now but still very red. Have been told by my local health store that L-Glutamine powder is very good! It helps improve the muscles in the throat and osephagus. So giving it a try.

Hi Libby, I’m experiencing the same you do I feel your pain, it’s not easy. I’m going for the ph bravo study next week followed by a barium swallow. Gaviscon advance helps and I’ve found if I drink almond milk throughout the day and during eating that this really helps. I’m on a bland diet of gluten free oats and almond milk for breakfast, chicken and avocado for lunch and fish with vegetables and potatoes for dinner. I snack on vegetable crisps and watermelon. Hope you get some relief soon!

Thank you, good luck with the procedure and do let me know how you get on? I do have a varied diet as have chicken and turkey as well as veg! Drink smoothies made with almond milk, avocado, cale, honey and banana.

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