Constant nausea 8 weeks post op

Hi, my Dad is now eight weeks post op. He has had an incredibly slow recovery due to a number of factors. However, the overall concern is that he still cannot eat more than a few spoonfuls (puréed food) and is constantly feeling nauseous. To date he has had two procedures to stretch the bottom of his stomach and according to the registrar they both went well. Yet my dad still feels sick… it's worse once he has eaten (and lasts for about two hours), sometimes he is sick and at other times he has diarrhoea - but he feels that he is constantly concentrating on trying not be sick and that if he wanted he could be sick at any moment . He still suffers with reflux at night. He is taking a variety of medication, we have just changed from metaclopromide to domperidon, he also takes prochlorprazine twice daily. He has lanzoprazole for reflux and gaviscon before bed.

I just can't see how he can even begin to recover whilst he is permanently feeling this way, he is usually such a positive soul. Yet at present he is hardly doing anything each day as he feels so rotten. I wondered if anyone could offer any advice as we are now at a loss. And to make matters worse he is due to start chemo radiotherapy next week. Many thanks for any advice or help, Lou

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  • Eight weeks is still very early days so please don't be too downhearted. I was given a recovery time of six to nine months but it took longer for me to regain strength, and some weight. The sickness and nausea was the worst period but it does take time for the body to adjust to the new plumbing arrangements. I sometimes found dry foods - like rich tea biscuits or Tuc seemed to settle a bit better than puréed foods, but just very small amounts (two Tuc was my maximum) as and when I felt like it. I didn't expect to be able to do very much after my op, I pottered about a bit, did crosswords, caught up on a bit of reading and so on but having been told not to expect an early recovery - I didn't worry about it. I was fortunate In not needing chemo, but if had needed it I think my recovery time may have been longer - so I'd say, be patient and try not to worry. I was 72 when I had my op, I'm still here, eating well at 78. Wishing you and your dad well.

  • Hi LouLou,

    Dave is still relatively early into recovery, but had similar problems to your Dad, he also found dry food (and still does) better than pureed. The bile at night has settled, and he now only gets it occasionally, nut in the really early days it was most nights.

    I'm sure chemo will delay the healing process a little, but tell him there is light at the end of the tunnel x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this Lou .

    Not much to offer I'm afraid but I wonder if some of the medications might be contributing towards the nasuea rather than allieviating it ?

    I find Gaviscon makes me feel very sick for instance .

    Could he try cutting out some of the tablets one by one ?

    Also ,is he constipated ? I found the pain meds after surgery made me v constipated and that too caused sickness .

    Is he being jej tube fed ? Could that be a factor ?

    I found that with diarreah and sickness that oral rehydration tablets ( I liked the lemon ones by ORS ) helped rehydrate and made me feel less sick .

  • Domperidone can be helpful, but I believe it is best if one leaves an interval before eating anything.

    The only other suggestion I can add is to concentrate on eating really small amounts at any one time. Sometimes there is quite a lot of healing going on in the body that is never apparent on the outside. There have been quite a lot of people who have had to go through this really rotten stage. It does take patience and resilience, but does normally gets better. It is to do with training the new 'plumbing' and not because the cancer side of the operation was anything other than successful.

  • I had exactly the same problem. The first real meal I had was 2 weeks after leaving hospital. My wife talked me into going to bingo with her. I tried a chicken curry and was fine. The next day I had a sausage roll and I was very sick. From then on I was very sick every day. I was continually feeling nauseous no matter what I ate. I suffered this for 3 years and 7 months. I was continually waking up choking on bile. One day a neighbour popped round with a curry, she had made too much. I thought what the hell, I might as well be ill for enjoying something. That night I slept right through without choking (the first time in 3 and a half years.). The next day I didn't feel nauseous. I now eat lots of spicy food and have put on weight instead of constantly losing it. I know this goes against everything we are told. But it works for me. I am now off to get a lovely lamb curry. Good luck.

  • Alan

    You make a very strong and often unheard point!!

    What we are told is good!! May actually, very simply, not suit you.

    I was told. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE. I drink coffee and have zero side effects.

    Expirementation is not bad provided we keep a note of what and when.

  • Early days indeed! I had to go on night feeds via peg after 2 months of not eating very much for a while and build up drinks - Fortisip. I found the anti-sickness Meds worked for me. We are all different and respond differently to various meds. Speak to nutrionist at the hospital. I too had to build myself up for the post op chemo. He will get there and it is slow and frustrating for all of you. I found Beer wine and prosecco all helped! Good luck and stay positive. Love Angi xx

  • Thank you everyone for your replies....apologies for not responding individually. Dad had a barium swallow test yesterday & it seems his stomach is not emptying (despite 2 'stretches'). No wonder he was constantly feeling or being sick....and although this is a setback, it's really reassuring to have a definitive answer. We're seeing the consultant on Monday to see what can be done. So this weekend Dad will be only fed through the tube ( i think this is a blessed relief for him tbh - 72 hours of not even having to contemplate eating). Thank you again everybody i really do appreciate your replies ....thank goodness this forum exists, it's invaluable xx

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