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LPR is ruining my life

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I need some help. a year ago I was diagnosed with a conextive tissue disease which was stressful plus i suffer from health anxiety. Not surprising as in the last year or two something new comes up and there us no respite. After that i felt something unusuL in my throat. thought it was tyroid th. then the post nasal drip that i experienced in my last pregnancy came back so i started nasal spray. One night i drank abit of fizz and got chest pain so me and doc agreed to try ppi. my chest pain got better but my throat not. still had post nassl drip, lump in throat, flatulence, funny tummyetc. then i found out i had h pylori infection for which i waas treated. saw ent doc too who recommended ppis plus gavisvon after eve meal. no improvement. then i went to gastro doc who did endoscopy bloods and stool sample. he never confirmed exactly what he tested me for despite asking but found nothing and hyploriwas gone. He put it all down to stress. have just started 30mg lazoprasole (prev i had 40 mg omeprazole) but not improvemt. I do not drink coffeine or coffee, don't have chocolate (just had some choc piwder in milk in the morning) but generally not too keen on chocolate. I have started eating early at night so it does not affect me at night. will try to raise bed now to see if that helps. I've not been getting much sleep for the last 3 years with a 1 yo and a 3 yo who don't sleep well and are always full of bugs.Currenly i've got rid of a week of tickly cough after a cold but i now seem to havea chesty one (kids have one too so hoping is tghat rather than the reflux having reached my airways. Do you know what i should do to get tid of this LPR? What tests are useful? My gastro never did a 24 h ph test for instance.

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