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Pain post upper endoscopy


Hi, Im hoping someone might be able to help. I had an upper endoscopy 2 days ago, had no sedation or throat spray. Procedure went well, however since I've had some chest and stomach pain and feel very bruised inside. Finding eating solids a challenge as its painful to swallow. Has anyone else experienced similar? Im not sure if I should call the hospital as the Consultant advised there wouldnt be any side effects. I wonder if I am bruised and swollen due to moving around whilst gagging on the scope?

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How awful I mite after have this yikes

Ninja83 in reply to Gail72

Hi Gail, I wouldn't worry these procedures are generally safe. Having had this without any sedation/spray it wasn't too bad but I expect because I was free to move/react there naturally may be some bruising. Hope you're procedure goes well.


I must say that I was a bit surprised that you had neither the sedative nor the spray but if you coped all right during the procedure itself that is at least a good thing. But it does also sound that you were consciously gagging? So I imagine that it is the after effects of the procedure, depending a little bit on exactly what the endoscopist did.

I think you should ask the endoscopy department about your reaction. At the very least they will have some feedback on how patients have felt. It is also possible that you might have been feeling this anyway once the effect of the sedative had worn off.

Is the pain of swallowing in your throat, or is it further down around your diaphragm?

Ninja83 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Alan. Yes the procedure itself wasnt pleasant but nor was it painful, more uncomfortable really, but very intetesting to see my insides so to speak and hear a running commentary from my consultant. The swallowing pain is in my throat and all the way down, basically I can feel every piece of food moving through. I think I'll check with the hospital for peace of mind.

Hidden in reply to Ninja83

That sounds a very sensible thing to do. Hope it clears up soon

I think I would call the hospital and have a word with Consultant 's secretary - notify the symptoms.

Or see GP maybe ?


Hi everyone

Just to give you a quick update, saw my gp and he advised the pain was likely to be internal bruising from the scope and I now feel back to normal. Hope this reassures anyone going for an endoscopy without sedation/throat spray that it is possible.

Nan0Meter in reply to Ninja83

Hi, I just had an endoscopy yesterday and feel pain beneath my sternum every time food/liquids pass this part of my esophagus. How long did it take for the pain to go away?

Ninja83 in reply to Nan0Meter

Hi, it took a few days, 4-5 max. Pain starts to ease off each day, as it’s likely to be just bruising from the scope. If you’re at all concerned check with your consultant. Meantime just take it easy as your body has been through some trauma from the scope.

alexcee7 in reply to Nan0Meter

hi i got mine done yesterday and have this exact pain!!!!! did it settle???

Thanks for this post, it has reassured me. I’ve had the same thing after endoscopy yesterday, moderate pain swallowing and feel it in my back at various stages as the food goes down. Otherwise feel fine, so I’m assuming it’s just bruising from the procedure( non sedated)

alexcee7 in reply to Sout

hi there im having the same pain after my endoscopy yesterday. how long did it take to settle?

I just had one done yesterday, and my throat is super irritated. Which I kinda expected. But also, under my chin and the sides of my throat are super sore to touch....anyone have this? Is it normal? I feel like the areas are bruised...

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