11 years since I was officially told that I had oesophageal cancer next Monday.

I was told that they had found something 2 weeks before that when I had the endoscope which gave me a chance to get my head around it, in those 2 weeks I proposed to my husband (we had originally planned on getting married that June but had a fall out for a short while) and had registered my intent to marry.

I was brought into hospital the night before (I think that they had planned on starting treatment straight away as had such severe problems eating for the 6 months before) but I was 32 and asked for fertility preservation (I was told it was too late to freeze my eggs as the time taken would have delayed treatment even more), they did use aother treatment though and my children are 6 and 7 now.

My husband and I are having our celebration on Monday - I did not celebrate last year as I lost my cousin and some close friends to this.

My children have always known what happened to their mother before they were born and have appeared with me on TV in the past promoting awareness of our condition.

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  • Congratulations on reaching 11 years post operation.

    I had my operation just over 11years ago and apart from our usual digestive problems life is great and I'm sure we will still be looking forward to the future in another 11years

    All the best


  • Congratulations!!!!!

  • Congratulations, I am also celebrating 11 years, surgery was 27th September 2006.

    Good to hear you are ok and getting involved in helping others through awareness, this is so important to help save lives.

  • It's always good to read of those who have enjoyed an extended life after the trials of OC. Congratulations: you're the inspiration we need!

  • 16 years post Ivor Lewis, not without all the usual problems, starting to slow down a bit now but still working 12 hours most days. Good old NHS!!

  • Congratulations. It is great to hear such a positive outcome.

    AM x

  • Congratulations! Having a husband only 6 weeks this week post Oesophajectomy and really feeling down ( and impatient) that news of you is amazing !! X

  • Wow! Stories like yours give us all hope. I am four and a bit years on and doing well. H

  • What a great positive post Aoife!!! and congratulations

    I think you replied to my very 1st post on here when we were waiting on my husbands endoscopy and I still remember that your little reply gave me just a tiny glimmer of hope at what was then unknown.

    We are now 1 and a half weeks in to his chemo and things are going well I hope they continue to do so.

    Congratulations once again - your post definitely gives hope to us who are just at the start of this long road ahead.

    Thank you so much

  • Your story is inspiring which gives hope & encouragement to the individual aswell as the families. Thanks for supporting me on here. ❤

  • Wow!! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on reaching eleven years ,It's absolutely scandalous that most of the general public don't realise the risk of digestive problems leading to oesophageal cancer, I suffered from acid reflux all my adult life and no doctor ever warned me what could happen and it did. Thanks to the wonderful people at The Royal Marsden hospitals at Chelsea and Sutton I'm still here and working 5 years post op, spread the word

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