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Hey, I'm new to this website and I had a question I needed to ask concerning to my health. I looked up my symptoms online, but I couldn't find anything related to what I was feeling.

Anyway, it happened sometime last year when I started feeling kinda sick when I was on my menstrual cycle. My mouth would fill up with saliva and it felt almost like water— it wasn't thick like saliva usually is. It'd fill up my mouth so much to the point when I had to spit it out in the sink.

It also left me feeling extremely nauseous. I almost threw up on a few occasions. But besides feeling nauseous I'd have extremely painful stomach cramps that I usually wouldn't have on my period. It's so bad to the point I couldn't move from the spot I was at.

I think its normal it to happen on your period, but to be sure I wanted to ask just in case. I just wanted to know if its something I should be worried about or if there's any way I can prevent it.

Oh and this usually happens several minutes after I get out the shower, if it helps.

I'd appreciate any answers I can get on this. Thanks :)

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I think that, to put your mind at rest, you really need to take your concerns to your doctor. It could be any number of things causing these symptoms, including periods or anxiety due to worrying about something more serious. Go and see your doctor, they are best placed to diagnose x


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