Morning all, hubby had his Ivor Lewis 22 months ago and about 2 weeks ago he developed a bulge in his groin with an ache down his groin we assume this is a hernia as I have googled it many times over last 2 weeks even though I know the dangers of google !!!! Just wondered if anyone else has had an inguinal hernia since surgery and what was done about it. Any niggle panics me and sends me back to the beginning so although I thought I was getting better at this I'm clearly not. Hubby has no other symptoms weight stable, bowels fine so fingers crossed when he sees go it is just a hernia xxxx

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  • Hi Helenmick

    I had the same surgery as your husband 11 years ago and 4 years after the op I was diagnosed with a inguinal hernia. It was simple surgery done in the day and nothing to worry about. Just need to careful with no heavy lifting for about 6 weeks after. I know after what we have been through any surgery is a worry But there is no need with this operation. Just ensure that you inform them about your op and that you must have your head supported to stop any reflux.

    All the best


  • Thanks for that Phil put my mind at rest a little. I just wondered as you are so long since surgery if the treatment has changed since you had yours or has it always been chemo/surgery/chemo just interested in the advances of treatment. Well done on your recovery nsporation to lots of families at the early stages Helen xx

  • Hi Helen

    The treatment has changed slightly since my op in that Chemo is given before and after surgery and that seems to be the Gold standard approach It was only offered before the surgery years ago. However some patients cannot tolerate the 2nd course of Chemo and that has happened to a couple of our support group but they are still well years after.The operation as far as I know has not changed and depends on the surgeon involved either Upper GI or Cardiothoracic or keyhole. Your husband seems to be doing very well so please tell him not to worry about the hernia op

    Best wishes


  • It is a good idea to be on the safe side and ask the anesthetist himself about propping up and also to suggest extra suction drainage. Remind the team of this as you go into theatre.

  • I do not think that having an inguinal hernia afterwards is terribly unusual. It is worth checking with your original surgical team as some surgeons would wish to do the repair operation themselves as they are more familiar with all the re-arrangement that has gone on inside.

    It is indeed normally a straightforward operation, but any surgery afterwards does carry some unwanted memories of the last time you were having surgery.

  • Hi all Mick went to see GP today and he thinks it's either a hernia or a groin strain so he's sending him for an ultrasound scan. I am so relieved I'm sure if he suspected anything else he wouldn't be sending him for an ultrasound at our local outpatient hospital and would send him back to main hospital where he had his surgery. I've been worried about it for a few weeks and now I can relax again and continue to enjoy life again. Any change panics me but at least gp thinks there is nothing to worry about. Hope everyone is doing ok xxxx

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