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4 weeks out of gastrectomy/roux n y

I had a vbg in 1996 whe i was 15 years old. I am 38 now and have had severe prblems for the past three years. Exactly one month ago I had a gastrectomy with a roux n y reconstruction. It has been extremely tough but the past two days i cant even move. lower left pain to the point I cant walk. They gave me pain meds for only 5 days adn then said its muscle pain. gave me muscle relaxers and its not doing a thing. I a=was aout to go to ER but they got me a a ct scan for tomorrow. the nurse keeps sayong its gas have you had a bowel movement. yes to all of the above. Im in so ucg damn pain and all i hear is its gas.

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Dear Golf23. I hope that the scan helps to diagnose the problem and you get the right treatment. It is a hell of a procedure that you have been through. It is still early days. Keep strong and keep fighting.

AM x


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