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Acid reflux eosophagitis cure

Hi my daughter had terrible acid reflux and was taking at least 5 amoprizole a day,she also had stage2 oesophagitis had to sit up in bed because acid would come up into her lungs she would be coughing all night and I mean all night.Was on waiting list to have operation .I told Dr I would get this sorted and I have She is not on any medication sleeps with only one pillow no acid reflux and oesophagitis and took off list for nissense fundoplication Drs are amazed had endoscopy all clear no inflimation , staying on ppi's is dangerous and u will never get better.I think we all know what this can turn into. Cheers 1960finas

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So what did you do?


the reason u have this problem is because the acid in your stomach is not strong enough which means the food you eat doesn't get fully absorbed which allows bacteria to grow that then relaxes the sphincter and you get acid reflux,if acid is Of The right ph the sphincter has to stay closed or it would kill you. If u keep taking ppi's u will never get better.u must try this u have everything to gain cheers fina's


My cure for acid reflux and oesophagitis. You start with apple cider vinegar unfiltered raw with the mother , ginger turmeric cayenne pepper freshly squeezed lemon and limes,orange and and or grapefruit do enough to make about a pint, and add a half pint of water keep in fridge.use a little glass put one/two table spoons of the vinegar then add ginger,tumeric,and cayenne pepper.All 3 just a tip of a teaspoon cayenne pepper is really hot,then add the juice about one inch in the glass take this twice a day before meals it goes against the grain taking a drink that's so acidic but that's why it works it takes about 2weeks to kick in and it's not very nice to drink ,you may get a bit of upset belly for a couple days while you are doing this just take a a antacid not pp inhibitors please let me know how u get on. PS keep off ppi's it's been on news there really bad for cheers fina's


Fundoplication surgery is something that is sometimes done to prevent reflux, and it is true that for some people PPI medication like Omeprazole does not really stop the reflux and other methods have to be considered. It is great that your daughter's reflux has resolved itself. In the old days stomach ulcers, for instance, used to be removed by a surgeon; nowadays a few weeks on medication to reduce the acid levels can allow the ulcer to heal naturally without surgery.

In so far as Omeprazole is concerned, it is a very well used medication that is generally very safe, but, like all medication, one needs to have it reviewed periodically, not least because reflux can be the result of some other condition in the digestive system, and it is important to diagnose the underlying causes.

Some individuals may be prone to side effects, as in many other medications.

The absence of stomach acid can have an effect of how calcium is absorbed, so when long term use of PPI medication is necessary, as indeed it is for many people who have had an oesophagectomy, for instance, it might be prudent for people who are worried about osteoporosis and their bones becoming thinner, to have supplements after seeking advice from their doctor or to consider having a bone density scan. Sometimes this can be reassuring that all is normal for one's age.


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