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3rd Endoscopy

Hi everyone, just had 3rd Endoscopy that showed up islands of Barretts Epithelium in lower Oesopagus & on the diagnosis it says Barretts Mucosa so does that indicate that I have Barretts Oesopagus?. They have taken some biopsies which I am still awaiting results of. I am booked to have 24 hr Manometry & ph test next week. I have a 3cm sliding hiatus hernia & am currently on 30mg of Lansoperazole. All info welcome. Regards Kaz.

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The epithelium and mucosa are parts of the lining of the oesophagus and it is more or less here that Barrett's Oesophagus starts, so the answer is Yes.

There is more information about Barrett's on actionagainstheartburn.org.uk and you can also contact Barrett's Wessex for further information.

The biopsies are important, and the risks of potential cancer are low, but heavily associated with whether any dysplasia is found. It is important to be placed in a surveillance system so that you get checked every 2-5 years, according to individual risk, but it is also possible to have Barrett's treated with radio frequency ablation nowadays that can effectively remove the cancer risk.

Removing the source of reflux into the future will also be important either through medication or by trying to resolve your hiatus hernia.


Thank you Alan, that's very helpful. They have said an op on the hernia is on the cards but don't know how long waiting times are. Will just wait for the biopsy results now & see what they advise next.

Kind regards



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