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High dose or not

Hello every one, I take 40mg in the morning & 40mg at night its controls my acid reflux but is it a high dose or not, also what is the long term effects or causing more complications by staying on this dose. I have been on this dose for a year now, before on 20mg twice a day.

Thanks for a great site & regards to all David

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It does seem to be a high dose. However a friend of mine has recently finished a 10 year trial. He was taking 300 mg of Asprin per day and to combat any stomach damage had to take 40mg of Esomeprazole twice a day the same as you are currently taking. He has had no problems and now the trial is finished he is back on 75mg of Asprin and 20 mg of Esomeprazole per day.



Hi . I was on the same clinical trial known as Aspect. I was on 20mls once a day. Also had an endoscopy every two years as part of the trial. Last endoscopy after 10 years showed up gullet cancer and ended up with Ivor Lewis op. 51/2 months ago. Life saver for me as I volunteered for the trial.



Hi im no medical expert and i know that alot of people do have to take these ppi's but from my own personal experience tried them but gave me horrid side effects and discontinued them because they are deemed unfit for long time use, im sure you have read the side effects but maybe you could consult your doctor to say you are on a high dose and would like to reduce dosage, i found most doctors prescribe these medicines and really dont advice how long to take them for and at what dosage. As i mentioned before alot of people have to take these medicines and i would not say that all people should discontinue use of them its a personal choice. Best wishes.


I have Barrett's Oesophagus and have to take 30 mg of Lanzaprazole morning and evening. If I just take one daily I suffer with nausea and acid. This is the maximum dose and I do worry about the side effects but I worry more about getting Oesophagus cancer. I have no choice really xx


Hi karjade you are right somepeople do not have the choice especially when its the to mantain good health for the future years, i just found being on them gave me nasty side effects, i was like a different person, but there is no way i would say to people come off them its gaviscon and zantac for me at present. Wishing you the best.

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Hi David I take the same amount. I am a little concerned about the amount, but I only finished my chemo for oesophageal cancer about 6 weeks ago. I have been put forward for the aspirin clinical trial so expect to stay on this dose of omeprazole during the trial, but have an appointment with my consultant in a couple of weeks to discuss the trial. My niece, who is only in her mid twenties, has been on the same dose for a few years for digestive problems so I am more concerned for her at such a young age taking such a high dosage. At the moment I'm just happy to not have reflux which caused my cancer....


You do not state what medication this is, but 80mg of Omeprazole can be standard approach in some cases. What matters is whether it is a high dose for you yourself and only your medical condition can determine that. It is normal to review things after 6-8 weeks, and medication levels are often adjusted as a natural part of the treatment.


Thanks for replies, I am on 40Mg Omeprazole twice a day as advised by my hospital consultant, although get meds prescription from my GP including peptac as needed, milk usually helps if out all day when pain levels increase, if have not got my peptac with me(in Car) I take 20 mg Fluoxetine , 150/200 Mg of Amitriptyline, 1.8 kg(3 x 600mg tablets) of gapapentin, 80Mg of Ompeprazole, 8 x 500Mg of paracetamol, all a day. Long Term for other problems since1996 and 80Mg of Ompeprazole for the last 6 months + End/colonoscopy with usual biopsies done, staff said scans look ok.

I suspect splincter valve problem and acid reflux / Gord or Gerd forgot which one (confirmed) still struggling with swallowing even liquid sometimes & loss of voice/ altered tone for 5 minutes or so. coughing / burping / flatulence any time.

Still consider myself lucky compared with others or is it to come later in life, I`m 64 so problems start coming with old age anyway.

Good luck everyone



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