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Hi. 5 months post op . Was 11s 9 now down to just under 10 stone. Eating ok but can't put on weight. Feel like skin and bones. Any suggestions.


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  • Hi Billy, I'm 4.5 years post op, I've lost 5.5 stone in that time. Stabilised now, don't think you've anything to worry about if your eating ok. Give it time and I'm sure things will settle down. All the best

  • Thanks for the comment my weight loss seems slightly insignificant now. Feeling better already . Thanks grandad4

  • Hi Billy

    I am four years post op and it was around 18 months before I began to put weight back on. Even now I am back to 10 and 3\4 stone which is much less than I was.

    Don't despair. Keep eating, keep trying to eat. It all takes time. It's a ferocious op but time heals things


  • My husband had surgery January and despit our best efforts to get him to gain weight for surgery, was only 11stone 4 when he went in. He's now down to 10.4 and looks like a belson survivor!! He struggles terribly with food and the Doctor has just put him on protein drinks to try and help.

    Hopefully for us both things will settle in time. Good luck!

  • Hi my surgery was early march. Absolutely brutal Op but like your hubby we will get through it. Stopped eating the fancy diet stuff and eating what I enjoy. Apart from a couple of dumping episodes on holiday ( over indulgence by the way ) things not too bad . Getting used to the exposed rib cage and it does take time. Some new clothes made me feel so much better on holiday. Best of luck to you both.


  • Losing this amount of weight is well within the normal. Do not try and eat to put on weight as it will cause you unending problems, especially if you have sugary stuff and other things that will give you dumping syndrome. Just keep eating little and often, keeping to food that does not give you trouble (and eat as if you were diabetic if in doubt - or try Slimfast)

    Gentle, progressive exercise, a bit of massage and perhaps physiotherapy will help to regain the muscle tone.

    There is also likely to be a wardrobe problem, so buying some new clothes that fit the new-shaped you may help you to feel and look better. And try not to feel bad about people's comments about wishing they could lose weight like you - they do not mean harm by it really, but it does get irritating to say the least.

    Looking thinner than you were is not a reflection of poor health, but you may well have to come to terms with a slightly different body image and a new normal weight for you.

  • Thankyou Alan. I am a bit of a sugar addict ,love cake and sweets . Not too bothered with dumping unless I overdo things . I have changed my wardrobe down from a large to medium /small . My wife thinks I now look smart ( no beer belly ) . Have started light swimming yoga and a wee bit of golf. Won't worry too much now about my weight Cheers. Time for a small glass of wine.



  • That sounds like things are going to be all right, doesn't it!

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