Advise needed .

Hi I wonder if anyone can give me advice . My husband has cancer of the oesophegus he had his last test on Wednesday an laparoscopy to see the tumour from an other angle and more biopsies taken . The Dr doing it has said he would need drastic treatment and would have a conference once the new biopsy results come back and decide the best for him . My question is would he be fit enough to drive during the treatment ? Thank you for any advice .

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are in this position.

    My Dad didn't drive to his first chemo, but he drove for all the rest. He just wanted to see how he felt. However, we are only 20 mins away from the hospital, and each person is different.

    He didn't drive for 6 weeks post op.

    Amy x

  • Thanks for your reply , I'm glad your dads doing so well if gives me hope through this trying time . Since he got the feeding tube 3 weeks ago he hasn't lost any more weight so hopefully he will be strong enough for the treatment . Jane x

  • Hi, I had my Ivor Lewis surgery for cancer of the oesophagus in 2015. I was okay to drive during the initial tests although someone always went with me for support, sometimes you don't always take in what is said to you at these appointments. Once I started chemotherapy there was no way I could drive, you never know how you're going to react. I didn't react well, fainting was just one of the symptoms. I wouldn't say I was fit to drive until a couple of months after the surgery and only short journeys to start with. But everyone is different you have to gauge it as you go along. Hope this helps.

  • Hi yes it does we weren't sure about him driving , so thank you for sharing your experience . I have been with him for every appointment , he has another this Thursday to see his fitness . Since getting the feeding tube he hasn't lost any more weight , so hopefully everything goes okay . Jane

  • Hi Jane, stay strong and positive, everything and all possibilities go round and round in your head but you're never alone, use your local cancer support services who can give you support and financial advice and Macmillan are wonderful ,it's a rocky road at times but you will get there. I'll be thinking about you both, take care of each other.

  • Hi there i didnt drive for my first 4 chemos but only yesterday for my 5th i chose to take the car by myself.

    Driving back i felt a bit tired but got home safe and sound.

    My only option of treatment was chemo if u fancy a chat or advise just message me.

    My tumour markers have come down drastically after just 4 treatments of chemo but i put this partially down to the alternative therapies im using.

  • Can I ask what alternative treatments you are using? My husband is starting chemo on Tuesday and we've been using diet to treat at home. Vegan, low oil, cut out sugar, keep ph balance alkaline etc. He says he feels better and "congestion" in the area of the tumour has gone.

  • I am using canabis oil

    The product is legal in this country and is called love cbd there are various products i am using a stronger strength at the mo called entourage oil

    My mother in law is buying it from a herbal shop but i do believe you can buy it on line.

    Lets just say my oncolgist is saying i am doing way better than the average considering i am stage 4 osopheagous and has spread to other areas. I put it down to the canabis oil 2 sprays under the tongue before breakfast and the same before tea

    Not a nice taste but the food makes it go away quickly.

    Good luck i highly recomend it, just had another 2 bottles delivered in the post from my mother in law 😁

  • Thanks. We've been told about this product but heard that it lowers appetite and we didn't want to risk any more weight loss. Husband's cancer is like yours, already spread by the time it was diagnosed. If you're managing to eat ok I'll suggest he gives it a try.

  • I lost 4 stone but since chemo started put 1 and a half stone on

    Other half put me on full fat milk worked a treat

  • He lost 2 stone and felt sluggish and congested (like when you have a cold) before we switched to vegan. I read that meets and dairy are acidic and promote cancer growth. Since switching to vegan there seems a lot of improvement in general health, weight-loss has stalled and he's got his energy back. Forgot to mention green tea and dandelion root tea also had good reports on scuppering cancer growth so he's having that too. Good luck on your journey.

  • Hi Jane,

    So sorry to learn of your husbands diagnosis. My husband was capable of driving through all his treatments, but I did take and pick him up just in case as we are about 20 minutes from the hospital.

    he worked through all, but did get tired. I guess everyone is very different. We wish you both all the best with the treatment.

    lynn x

  • Hi thank you all for taking the time to reply to my post , it has helped to get a rough idea of the road ahead . I know every one reacts differently to the treatment and operation . We didn't want the car lying for months not getting used as I don't like driving it or trading it in for smaller car , so it's something we need to weigh up . I wish you's all the best in your journey ahead . Jane x

  • My Dad drove through chemo but only short distances. He would often feel 'groggy' so obviously on those days he wouldn't drive at all. We went on holiday during his chemo and I drove as he didn't feel up to driving such a long way, his concentration wasn't up to speed and he would get tired easily. I think it's one of those things where everyone responds/reacts differently so difficult to advise.

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