Difficulty Swallowing

For nearly 2 years I've been having problems swallowing solids, it all started one day I was calmly sat on my couch and all of a sudden I couldn't take a swallow and I panicked called an ambulance, they came and by then it was a little better I was trying to drink sips of water which was difficult too they looked in my throat and said I had white spots on my tonsils so I should go to my gp they let me out of the ambulance and by then it calmed down, nearly two years in with it getting better then worse everytime I try swallow food I have to chew and chew and feels like my throat spasms and contracts. I've never choked and I don't cough but I do burp a lot when eating and get full easily, I tend to get this burning sensation in my throat and every day now I get gurgling in my throat that is uncomfortable, I have stomach pain every day now for past 4-5 month with stomach noises 24/7 very loud. I'm 21 male and I haven't weighed myself in a while but I don't feel like I've lost loads of weight. I'm very scared because I know my symptoms can be a sign of esopahgal cancer :( I'm scared to go to the doctors which is very silly of me.

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  • You have to do for an endoscopy ASAP. It could well be nothing or something relatively minor and treatable but endoscopy is the only way to find out

  • Youre worrying about symptoms that you're scared to find out about 'in case it's cancer' - but you aren't doing anything that will calm your fears, end your worries or more importantly deal with the situation if it is cancer. It's normal to be scared of cancer, we all are, and it's normal to be worried if we think we've got it but it's normal to go and see the doc and get things checked out too. You may well be worrying unnecessarily but if you aren't what are you going to do about it, just carry on worrying and being scared? Do yourself a really big favour - see the doc, have an endoscopy, give yourself a chance, the sooner you find out what's wrong the better. Good luck.

  • Hi murphy 1991661, try not to over worry it makes the situation worse, i myself are going through very similar probems at present, food lodged in throat and doesnt digest until a couple of days later, nausea, breathless, acid reflux, discomfort on eating, spasms. Yes you should go to the doctors and have him arrange some tests not because its cancer because it could be many other medical reasons and it could be a hiatul hernia acid reflux it could be anything! We always think the worst. I had a endoscopy 5 years ago and diagonised with a hernia with gerds. Today i have to have a barium swallow test but your doctor will arrange whats suitable for you and your symptons. Please sort it for your own peace of mind , sometimes its worse because we dont know whats wrong and thats worse for me. Go to docs!!

  • Hi I agree u must go and have endoscopy it's nothing really nothing.But if it's left too carry on it will get worse and u don't want that.believe me I hate hospitals i was really scared.go for it let me know how you get on cheers fina's

  • Please go to your gp . Get a referral. The alternative is not a viable option. There are so many things it could be and their is so much that can be done nowadays.


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