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Chronic tiredness and weight loss

Hi, I write on behalf of my husband. He is 68 and almost 4 years post op. He has struggled to put weight on since op, never was a large man just over 10 stone before op and now 7 stone 8.

Had a 3 year check last November given a great result of all clear. He had his op at St Mary's London by Prof. Hanna. We have total trust, an amazing man.

His medication consist of Creon, anti acids, anti sickness when needed.

The problem seems to be with food - first thing he may get up feeling ok, start with either a slice of toast or one wheatabix within half an hour he will feel incredibly tired. To follow this after passing his motion that can make him feel very sick. After a short walk yesterday the pain started within 15mins then terrible heaving and sweating almost like a dumping. He suffered from dumping in the early post op days and that would generally be due to too much fat or sugar at one time. We know from a bad start to the day it will generally continue. After a main meal he has to stand to try and get the food to go down and sometimes has pain just under his rib cage also to his left side.

We were hoping these symtoms related to a bacteria in his gut which he has had several times before and after a course of anti b's he is back on track. He went for a breath test last week to detect the bacteria (which we were sure was the problem) only to be told the test was negative.

The operation has changed his character, as an X publican working 24/7 making snap decisions he now worries when faced with too many things to do. Obviously dealing with daily problems and weight loss he has become run down. I am an X caterer and spent the last 4 years building a good diet routine for him but this seems to have beaten my knowledge. Could the above be caused by being anxious. Anyone else have similar problems?

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I have similar issues almost daily and you never know when it will strike. I can go 2 days with no problems then have a piece of toast and a drink and feel like c### for an hour which puts me off eating again. I am 6ft and was always around 15.5 st but now struggle to keep at 11.5. But. When the alternative is considered I feel lucky. I still have I am sure there is a link to something I do or eat/drink but can't seem to find it. I am now 7 years post op and am thankful for those 'borrowed' years every day ;). I hope he finds a solution and would be very interested if he does :). Good luck. Ray


Thanks for your reply Ray, we are back at Hospital tomorrow so fingers crossed. Definitely post if a solution is found. Take care. Sylvie


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