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Endoscopy and Colonoscopy preparation - diabetic hypo



Taking the poison treatment as preparation for tomorrow's endoscopy & colonoscopy, which I think did the treat, but despite two cans of full fat coke, I started getting the symptoms of a diabetic hypo, so I have had some glucose but also 8 jelly babies (not red or black).

Hoping that that's not going to have any impact on the test tomorrow, does anyone know?

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I'm so sorry ,I don't know .I'm guessing not as I think they are looking for inflamation ,lumps and bumps .Structural changes that might indicate a cancerous growth .

But I feel a bit outraged ( if that's not a contradiction in terms ! ) and feel you should have better care /advice as a diabetic .

Hope you're feeling better now and the procedures are soon over and results quickly known .

PS Why not red and black jelly babies -)

I only used to have endpscopies but that has been nearly 11 years ago now - sorry, I forgot what I used to do.

Hi hope all goes well have just had the same two test, red &black are not recommended because any residue may look like you are bleeding somewhere. I was allowed foxes mints and orange, lime jelly. I am also diabetic so you can get advice.

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