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Husband has his endoscopy tomorrow

Hi Everyone.

So tomorrow is the day we find out what we are dealing with. Husband has been well the past few weeks. His weight loss has stopped and we've adopted various techniques to deali with the choking. This has included standing when he feels food is backing up, rocking on his toes/heals and regularly taking buscopan tablets. We've also found that having a hot drink (tea/coffee) etc when he is eating reduces the instances of choking compared to cold drinks. Although he's ok with milk.

Anyway tomorrow is endoscopy day. I've read and re-read the information sent to him and I was interested to learn that the findings will be discussed before we leave, I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. I understand that biopsies will be taken if necessary, but we have to wait for the results of those.

Are there any questions we should be asking on the day? I'm a complete wreck just now, been awake since 3am and can't stop crying. I want to be prepared for tomorrow so I can take everything in. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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That's great your having the endoscopy done they can tell a lot after this test and you will be leaving there today knowing if it's cancer or not they know if it's cancer when they see it but biopsy will determine which kind of cancer if it is. I can't think of any questions you can ask I'm sure the doctor will let you know everything you need to know. Good luck today and I hope you get good news.

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