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Post op update

It's been a while since I last posted, unfortunately my dads operation got postponed for a few weeks.

Yesterday was one of the longest days- he went to theatre at 0730 and came to the ICU at approx 1700! We were allowed to see him shortly after, he was very groggy and couldn't keep his eyes open for long but managed to crack a few jokes...... "it's a boy!!!" When the charge nurse told us the epidural was still running 😂- it's nice to see he still has a sense of humour

Feeling a lot more relaxed now it is over but know there are some hard days still to come. We still need to await pathology results to see if any further treatment will now be needed

Hope this finds you all well,


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Glad to hear your Dad is through the op. It's the longest day ever.

Concentrate on getting him well for now and worry about the histology later.

It's a struggle, but it's doable! Don't worry if he has a few set backs. It's such a major operation, it's to be expected.

Glad he is making jokes. Always a good sign.

My Dad is now 2 months post op, so let me know if you have any questions and I will try and help.

All the best to your Dad.

Amy x

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Thanks Amy, still so early days but he managed to walk a good distance with physios yesterday and is very keen to move out of ITU!! Am so proud of him

Hope you and your family are doing well And your dad continues to go from strength to strength! Am sure I will definitely have some questions so thank you very much 🙏🏻 And chat soon

Lynsey x

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Glad it is over for you. My family said it was a day they don't want to repeat. I came round straight away and was in critical care for 5 days only can remember a few things about it like the routine washing , changing bed and med 's being pumped in. I was talking to everyone but don't remember. Was moved to normal GI ward.Gradually i came off of drains , medicines etc. Feeding tube into Jej stayed in until after my post op chemo. I had to have a stretch in hosp 3 weeks after op as my tube from nose drained everything i tried to drink. Came out 3 1/2 weeks later.

I did everything i was told. I walked everyday around wards.

It is a major op and getting home is lovely but only when he is ready. Feeding again is like weaning liquids, purée, soft food to a normal diet. Only able to eat small portions. Dumping syndrome from high fat, milk products can happen.

Make sure he has plenty of pillows to sleep upright.

Good Luck



Thanks Debbie 😊 All the tips definitely help me feel more confident about helping when he is home!! He is still in critical care but hopefully out in the next few days to the general GI ward and then home within the next week- fingers crossed!

Can't wait to have him home hope all is well with you and thanks again

Lynsey x


So pleased it all went well 🙂 My Dad is 4 weeks post op and doing well, he was out of hospital after 7 days and eating normal food almost straight away (things like mashed potato and gravy, porridge, soups, mushy peas etc..) There are bound to be hiccups along the way but for my Dad the worst thing is the frustration at not recovering as fast as he wants to so remind your Dad that patience is key 😉 x

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Aw thank you! I think that will definitely happen to dad

He will love getting home but will be frustrated he doesn't slot back into his usual routine - he's not too bad at the minute but because he's not in his own environment! Was a very long day and next week we will find out if any post op chemo is required

Hope you and your family are well and keep going :)

Lynsey x

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