can't get food to go down help

this is about my boyfriend, first he has a lot of mucus, second when he eats he does a lot of coughing when he starts eating he can't seem to swallow . once he gets rid of the mucus he's fine. he has a lot of issues getting his food to go down. he's had a lot of tests done and the Drs can't seem to find anything wrong. does anyone else have the same problems?

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  • Have your boyfriend get a endoscopy done a.s.a.p.

  • he's had all kinds of tests done they can't find nothing wrong

  • But has he had a endoscopy?

  • yes

  • My dad has the same thing. Sadly his endoscopy and further tests showed the cancer he had removed has metastasized but we are trying alternative treatment... but I have recently had the docs give him metaclopramide and after months of having the symptoms you are talking about he actually managed food with very little problems after only 1 dose of this. Its an anti sickness and also helps food go down properly. Ask your gp to try him on that and hopefully that will make a difference. Wish you all the best.

  • where do you buy this metaclopramide?

  • You get it via prescription from the gp. If you tell them you want to trial it they should write you up a prescription.

  • This may sound strange, but two years after lingual tonsil removal, I am still struggling with swallowing. On my last ent visit, consultant suggested, as I swallow, to bend my neck to the right, hey presto, dont know how, but works a treat fir me. Worth a try.

  • When you say he had trouble swallowing, can you be more explicit about where the trouble seems to be. In his throat? or further down? I am wondering if the mucus could be sent off for some kind of analysis but the doctors would want to have something to suggest to the path lab.

    I am also wondering whether he might ask to be referred to a specialist, either an ear nose and throat specialist or a gastroenterologist.

    Does he have catarrh? Is his hearing OK?

  • hearing is fine. he's been to several specialists. it's in his throat. when he starts eating he coughs and coughs. he has an excessive amount of mucus all the time. dr doesnt seemed to concerned. (he chews tobacco has for probably 45 yrs) once he gets the mucus coughed up he can swallow. it's not just with food it's also with whatever he's drinking.

  • Might be worth asking the doctors if the tobacco might be contributing to it, perhaps?

  • he doesn't have a catarrh nothing wrong with his hearing. he's had a swallow study 3 times, he's had a scope down his nose and down his throat. his dr says every time he takes a drink his throat has spasm. after the spasm he can't breath. doesn't matter what he drinks, milk seems to be the only thing he can get to go down. but read that dairy causes mucus which he has an excessive amount. any suggestions would be helpful.

  • I wonder if it is worth getting tested for allergies?

  • he's also had a mild stroke a couple yrs ago.

  • Lillian,

    Reason for inability to swallow food is that the intestinal muscle have become week. He needs to eat in very small quantity. Also increase the amount of fruits and salads in the diet.

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