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Just questions from others !

I experienced this out of seemingly no where about 3 years ago while in a 2 week nightly bible study group where we had food catered in every night. All of a sudden, I couldn't swallow so much as a sip of water, a bite of salad or any other food item. It would get stuck in my esophagus, and I'd have to run .to the bathroom to throw it up, as it blocked my airway. That lasted about a month over 3 years ago. It all of a sudden happened today when trying to eat some BBQ, I had to beeline to the bathroom to toss up my food, and any water I'd downed. Later on, I had no problems swallowing water or liquids, but as soon as I tried some of my leftovers, I had to run again. Any and all help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't have an issue with stomach acid or GERD.

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If this happens regularly, and with all kinds of food, it would be prudent to ask to be referred for an examination like a barium swallow test so that the doctors can analyse exactly why this is happening.

One thing that can happen to some people is that food accumulates in the oesophagus, and of the lower oesophageal sphincter does not open up to allow it to go down into the stomach, the pressure of undigested food builds up pressure and the food regurgitates.

Sometimes tension can stop you from having proper peristalsis (the muscular action of the food being taken down into the stomach), or it could be a number of things, like some sort of blockage at the sphincter at the top of your oesophagus where food goes down a separate route from the air you breathe in.

So firstly, do not keep eating or swallowing water if the previous mouthfuls have not gone through into your stomach. It will simply build up to create more pressure. Give plenty of time between mouthfuls. Be careful of the texture of food, some of which might coagulate (eg bread, rice) or stick ( some salad stuff like celery,tomato skins, stringy meat).

It might be a reaction to certain types of food.

The doctors might consider an endoscopy, in case there is something physical that can be seen hat would account for the reaction you suffered.

I would suggest that you also think about the speed at which you eat, how well you chew things, how relaxed you are whilst eating and the posture you have.

Massaging the chest area (especially by your diaphragm) and even dropping back on to your heels, can dislodge things and help the semi-digested food (chime) to go down.

If it persists, you do need to see a doctor to get checked over.

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This could be something serious or maybe not. I would ask your doctor to arrange for you to have an endoscopy asap which should detect if there is anything sinister or not. These symptoms preceded my oesophageal cancer diagnosis.

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Happened to me in same way,rang 111 for advice finished up in hospital , they thought I was having heart attack! Later had various tests none of which I found distressing at age 89. Mine turned out to be achalasia. Can be a problem but they will keep an eye on me and I go back in 6 months. Really do recommend you become known at the hospital. Good luck


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