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Post operative

Hi, my good lady was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 2 years ago, she has had 2 stents inserted in both broncha and two debunking procedures plus chemo and radiotherapy and one cycle of immunotherapy.

She was recently admitted to hospital with respiratory problems and after treating pneumonia with antibiotics it was decided endoscopy was to be used, a tear was found in the esophagos and subsequently a covered stent was fitted via another endoscopy procedure.

This was two weeks ago ,my wife is now not able to keep any soft foods down and is constantly trying to clear her throat of what sounds like a lot of mucous, morphine helps but its still there, any suggestions on how to clear it as its affecting her state of mind and interrupting her sleep patterns as well as day to day activities. otherwise i suspect its back to endoscopy Thank you.

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A torn oesophagus is a very serious condition. Sometimes it can be repaired surgically but it is a major operation for which the patient needs strength and resilience. The food and water that one swallows can escape through into the chest cavity and it carries the risk of infection. Feeding through a tube is normal until the tear heals itself and food can be taken in by mouth again. I understand that you are stating that a stent has been fitted to bypass the tear; I did not know this was possible and if it works OK for its purpose, that is good news.

I am wondering whether the mucus indicates some form of thrush or candidiasis - it would in any event be worth asking the doctors to check.

It is possible that there is some other cause affecting your wife's stomach, and it might be a side effect of her other treatment perhaps, so, again, it is worth consulting the doctors again to see if they can make her more comfortable from this distressing condition.


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