Has Omeprazole stopped working?

Hello everyone

I take Omeprazole 20mg once a day and have been for the past 13 yrs. All of a sudden it has stopped working, getting bad pain, especially burning in my throat, so I have started taking it twice a day, morning and evening before meals. Still no effect. I did try taking 40mg in the morning instead and that has made it worse! My doc says to persevere taking it twice a day a little longer but usually in the past it has worked almost straight away...........not this time! Has anyone else had problems after taking it for such a long time?

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  • I have found that different makes sometimes are not effective. I take esomeprozole as omeprazole stopped working for me but different makes don't work as well as others. I did ask my consultant if I was correct and he said I was. I have taken these for fourteen years 40mg

  • Thank you Holman, I do seem to be using the same make all the time!

  • Following oesophagectomy I was put on omeprazole. It turned out that I was suffering bile reflux not acid reflux. PPI drugs make symptoms worse. See my other posts for more information. I have recently found that taking a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a carbonate drink has been of great benefit in stopping bile reflux. The burning throat is typical of bile reflux.

  • Thank you AlanWare, will look into that.

  • Something has changed, and it really needs to be checked out. It might be that there is something causing extra reflux, or it might be bile. But the whole principle behind taking medication long term is that it should be reviewed and checked every so often, ands you do need to persist until it gets resolved.

  • Thank you. Will go and get checked out.

  • My cure for acid reflux and oesophagitis. You start with apple cider vinegar unfiltered raw with the mother , ginger turmeric cayenne pepper freshly squeezed lemon and limes,orange and and or grapefruit do enough to make about a pint, and add a half pint of water keep in fridge.use a little glass put one/two table spoons of the vinegar then add ginger,tumeric,and cayenne pepper.All 3 just a tip of a teaspoon cayenne pepper is really hot,then add the juice about one inch in the glass take this twice a day before meals it goes against the grain taking a drink that's so acidic but that's why it works it takes about 2weeks to kick in and it's not very nice to drink ,you may get a bit of upset belly for a couple days while you are doing this just take a a antacid not pp inhibitors please let me know if u r going to try and if u do let me know how you get on all the best fina's

  • Dear tynealy,

    These antacids only giving a false sense of relief. In the process the disease severity continues to grow. Ultimately it reaches a stage where even the false relief is not visible. Your best solution is managing your diet.

  • Hi, late to the party but wondered what the outcome of your issue was?

    I experienced something similar and may be able to help! I've been on PPI's for almost 10 years, nexium, then zoton then lansaprazole and for the last 4 years - omeprazole. They always worked despite the fact that i used to take them at night, no knowing this was not advised for the first few years. Then, randomly, when I started exercising 2 years ago and switched to a lower carb diet - and began eating very healthily. All of a sudden, LOTS of heartburn. My doc switched up my medication and nothing seemed to work, was literally crying every day, an endoscope showed my esophagus was covered in burn marks and the surgeon suggested getting the nissen fundoplication - I'm quite terrified of surgery so made a decision to get to the route of this. I made 2 huge discoveries.

    1 - If I take my tablet and then eat a substantial amount of fat with my first meal of the day (this could be avocado, or even an egg - due to the yolk, or oily fish) it seems to stop the tablet working

    2 - And this was the biggest revelation, I figured out I need to wait 1 hour before eating or drinking anything after I take my tablet.

    Also, some brands of Omeprazole don't seem to work as well, I've no scientific evidence but I'm convinced it's whatever the capsules are made of. I'm not sure why I struggle to break these down but I recall when I was taking Zoton (which is dissolvable) I never had problems until I took the generic brand which came in capsule form.

    For some reason, even adhering to all of the above mine seem to be failing again, but i've been eating a lot more fiber so I wonder if I can lower the amount of time I wait before eating. Would love to hear a physicians opinion.

  • Hi Louphe, Sorry for all the trouble you have been having. My problem with severe acid reflux even though I was taking omneprazole 20mg seems to have resolved itself as my doctor suggested I reduce the dose to 10mg. I believe after taking 20mg for about 20 years my body reacted and found it too strong for some strange reason and am feeling much better on 10mg. Possibly I'm not producing so much acid!! I don't know, just a guess!! Have you tried taking your omneprazole in the morning? that's when I take mine.

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