Laparoscopic nissen fundoplication

Hi people kinda new here,

36 year old male here, getting ready for a laparoscopic nissen fundoplication. I have NEVER had a surgical procedure done before and in this case I have run out of options.

It all started in 2012 when I had a late meal and felt the weirdest feeling in my chest, uncomfortable pain I had never felt before, soon I began feeling nauseated and spent the entire night vomiting and leaning in the toilet. I kept on having the regurgitation reflex even though there was nothing in my stomach. I was taking to the Dr the next morning and he put me on drip as I had lost a lot of water. He diagnosed me with a gastric ulcer and gave me several medications which seemed to subside the symptoms.

I went through several years thinking I had a peptic ulcer and kept getting hospitalized several times and receiving drips due to the same crazy nauseated feeling in my chest, but the condition always surprised me because no matter how much I went out of my way to follow the Dr's orders and stay away from ulcer elevating foods and always tried to eat on time and regularly, this attack seemed to happen randomly. After about three years it finally stopped and I thought I had healed from the ulcer.

Then my teeth started to decay, I smoked at the time so I just thought it was my smoking habit that was weighing in on my teeth so I quit but the teeth problems kept on getting worse and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I started getting these weird panic attacks that would give me these crazy heart palpitations which sometimes made me feel like I was going to pass out. Then the dysphasia started, food literally getting stuck in my throat after eating, I was rushed to the hospital on countless occasions, had an x ray done twice but they couldn't find anything. It was at this point I decided to see an ENT dr who put a camera down my nose and diagnosed me with acid reflux. She gave me medicine and lifestyle tips but this didn't seem to help, the palpitations persisted and began turning into this crazy pain in my chest where my heart is,I began developing some what of an asthma.

Was rushed to the hospital after the first attack in fear it might be a heart attack, saw a cardiologist who did several tests on me including putting a hotem thingy to measure my heart beat and an EKG and said my heart was fine. He then referred me to a gastroenterologist who did an endoscopy and diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia. It was small he said, and after giving me meds which didn't work, he recommended a laparoscopic nissen fundoplication. I found diets online which helped stop the hyperacidity that caused my palpitations but the reflux didn't stop, sometimes I reflux twice a day even when I stick to an alkaline diet, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and for months now I always have this tightness in my throat that hardly goes away. I have tried everything from omerprazole and nexium, but nothing seems to help. I can go through two bottles of Gaviscon in a week and finally he recommended the procedure. I'm going for the clinical investigations on Monday for the procedure and frankly I'm terrified, I have heard stories of people dying from anesthetic reactions and surgery complications. I know I have no choice but to have the procedure because of my situation but this is a whole new ballgame and it's scary.

Just wanted to know if I am overreacting here, and what I can expect. I'm not actually scared of the procedure itself and the recovery, I'm willing to tough it out if it means getting better, my main concern is the complications which may arise during surgery.

As I write this I have the worst sore throat I have ever had and my diaphragm is gurgling like crazy.

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  • To help put your mind at rest I had a fundoplication done back in 1990, I was diagnosed with Barrett's oesophagus so had regular endoscopes. My symptoms never really went away although they did improve for a long time until 2009 when I had a total oesophagectomy I am sure the fundoplication will help and as it is done with keyhole recovery is quick and relatively painless Your getting treatment so are on the right road but travel it with a positive attitude as this definitely helps

  • Thanks

  • Hi I've not been on for a while,my daughter had terrible acid reflux and was taking at least 5 amoprizole a day,she also had stage2 oesophagitis had to sit up in bed because acid would come up into her lungs she would be coughing all night and I mean all night.Was on waiting list to have operation .I told Dr I would get this sorted and I have She is not on any medication sleeps with only one pillow no acid reflux and oesophagitis and took off list for op Drs are amazed had endoscopy all clear no inflimation

  • That sounds great, what did you do?

  • My cure for acid reflux and oesophagitis. You start with apple cider vinegar unfiltered raw with the mother , ginger turmeric cayenne pepper freshly squeezed lemon and limes,orange and and or grapefruit do enough to make about a pint, and add a half pint of water keep in fridge.use a little glass put one/two table spoons of the vinegar then add ginger,tumeric,and cayenne pepper.All 3 just a tip of a teaspoon cayenne pepper is really hot,then add the juice about one inch in the glass take this twice a day before meals it goes against the grain taking a drink that's so acidic but that's why it works it takes about 2weeks to kick in and it's not very nice to drink ,you may get a bit of upset belly for a couple days while you are doing this just take a a antacid not pp inhibitors please let me know how you get on Fina's

  • Thanks will try it to get some relief but how will this get the hernia? Will it fix the sphincter?

  • My daughter also had 2cm hiatus hernia which dr's say can hardly see it with there being no inflammation

  • Should I lay off the PPI's?

  • the reason u have this problem is because the acid in your stomach is not strong enough which means the food you eat doesn't get fully absorbed which allows bacteria to grow that then relaxes the sphincter and you get acid reflux,if acid is Of The right ph the sphincter has to stay closed or it would kill you. If u keep taking ppi's u will never get better

  • I had the same operation in March 2017. Totally brilliant! It has transformed my life. I felt great the next day. I only have 5 little scars and they healed quickly. I can eat anything I want. I was scared that I would be worse off but was desperate for the pain to stop. I ate pureed food for 9 months before the op. Do not worry, trust the surgeon. My H Hernia was the largest he had seen but he fixed it. Good luck!

  • Thanks, I guess being optimistic is all I can do at this point.

  • I would recommend you to go through some reports on long term effects of this surgery.

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