Hi I wrote previously about my husband being diagnosed with of the oesophageas he got ct scan last Thursday . He got a phone call to come for hospital appointment yesterday afternoon where he was told it hadn't spread but to be sure he has to have a pet scan and if it confirms it hasn't spread he will have chemo then operation and more chemo as long as he passes fitness tests . He is still bringing up the foamy stuff all the time so the cancer nurse had a word with us and thought he would be better tube fed so he doesn't loose any more weight . We got a call today for him to go in tommorow morning at 8am to have it done . They seem to have moved quickly so very pleased so far with his treatment . Sorry for the long post but a few of you were kind enough to reply to my first PST and it was to let you know how it was going .so thanks again . Jean .

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  • Hi Jean,

    It's good that things are moving along. We had to travel a fair way for my husband's PET scan, but it was worth it when they decided to go ahead with the treatment outlined for him (same as your hubby's). Mine never got the second lot of chemo as he spent a long time in hospital after complications, and we were told it should be done within 10 weeks (I think) of the op. It was never really explained why.

    Good luck for tomorrow - it will help a great deal if he can keep some weight before they operate (my husband lost 28 kilos after, but he had it to lose! He has put about 10 back on).

    Elaine x

  • Thanks for your reply . He has to go to the Beatson Glasgow for the pet scan and they say his chemo will be there , and Glasgow Royal for his operation so a bit of a travel . Hope your husband is on the mend now . Jean .

  • Yes thanks - he's just passed 3 years since his op and is pretty good. x

  • Pleased things are looking positive re CT results and that things are happening quickly. My Dad had 3 months chemo and is now almost 2 weeks post op. He is doing really well, eating, drinking and starting to go for short walks. We are just waiting for results of tests on the tissue removed to see whether he still needs post op chemo (although I think he is hoping they will give it him anyway just to sure!).

    Fingers crossed your hubby's PET scan gives him the thumbs up to get cracking on treatment. My Dad was only able to eat very soft food before chemo started and within 1 month was back to eating almost normally so it potentially can offer relief quite quickly.

    Best wishes

    Nat x

  • Oh that is encouraging your dads doing so well and back eating . My husband can't get anything down today so be glad when he gets the feeding tube tommorow . Hope your dad continue to improve . Jean.

  • Thank you xx

  • I am glad that things are happening quickly - I had the PET in a similar timescale. My chemo was delayed by a day or two as I was only 32 at the time and wanted to get fertility preservation treatment (as it turned out it was too late for freezing my eggs but they used other methods), I then had 3 months of 1 week in 4 of chemo. After the first chemo treatment week I was able to eat again (it worked that fast) and I was trying to build myself up for the surgery and for getting married (I married 2 weeks after chemo). My then new husband got me to do some swimming post chemo and pre-total esophagectomy surgery which was great for me. I had the scan to ensure that the surgery would be of use and then had the surgery (very il post that so no post surgery chemo as I missed the window). That was over 10.5 years ago and my children are 6 and 7. Aoife

  • Oh what an encouraging post , you have done so well and to go on and have children too . Well done you . My husband is 71 and October our Golden Wedding . We had just come back on the 16th May from 3 week cruise to the Panama Canal when this started , so I'm glad we done it early . For the last 2 days he has had nothing to eat but the foam kept coming . He is in the hospital to get the feeding tube now . Thank you for your lovely post . Jean .

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