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Brain met 4 months after Gastrectomy 😓 any experience of similar?

Soooo. ...my super brave Mum in law had total Gastrectomy on 20th Feb xx to date she's lost over 3 stone but was managing to eat & no feeding tube....4 weeks ago she had the start of left side weakness & was referred to physio due to muscle wastage...it got worse & she needed a wheelchair so we took her to be checked out...it's a tumour in her brain ( no answers as to where yet ) ct came back clear everywhere else....she's currently in hospital receiving steroids but has low blood pressure/sugar....has anyone else had a similar experience? ? We are all devastated xxx

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Sorry, but that is not good news. It does depend enormously, as you suggest, on which part of the brain may be affected. Meanwhile it will be important to keep up her nutrition levels as best she can. All best wishes to you.


Thanks so much for your reply xxx I've spent a fair few hours looking at what I can & know it's a truly dismal prognosis...although haven't said too much yet to the rest of the family .the tumour is in the right superior parietal lobule apparently.

I suppose we're just angry as they said it will probably have been there since quite early on & she was never given a pet scan as they said it wasn't affective with goj cancer xxx

Seems so futile after she recovered so well from surgery....suppose we just need to hear the plan of action on Friday ☹ thanks so much again xx


I hope it goes OK today and they have a plan for her, it is devastating news when she was doing so well, try to stay positive and best wishes, If i had a magic wand i would use it :)


Thank you xxxx she's going to be having surgery to remove the tumour....that's all we know right now....but we know it's bad 😓


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