Throat flexing

Don't know if you can help me I am getting quite desperate. I have had op for hiatus hernia 2 years ago called Nissen Fundiplication. Unfortunately I still get a flexing closing feeling in my throat which is really distressing at times. I do take esomeprosol and my consultant tried me on a drug for spasms but it didn't work. I have tried to go through everything that this could be from post nasel drip to food allergys. I have had my vocal cords looked at and they seem to be fine. Any ideas?

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  • Dysphagia is a common side effect either pre or post NF. I am surprised that your surgical team are not more supportive.

    Sometimes the syndrome can have a psychological component rather than a motor neurological origin. In this situation some patients have reported good results from taking an SSRI.

    You could explore this with your GP.

  • BUT be aware of these contra-indications -

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