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2 years post op

Morning all my husband is now 2 years post diagnosis he had pre op chemo and after 11 out of 33 nodes were positive which was a shock so had post op chemo I was wondering if anybody knows if risk of recurrence reduces with time and when is most chance of recurrence is it at the beginning. Hubby is doing really well stable weight, no dumping back at work life is good. Thanks for replies if anybody knows the answers xxx

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Hi, yes the risk of recurrence reduces with time. If you look at the trial (MAGIC) on which treatment was based (sugery plus ECX pre and post op), the highest risk occurs up to about 18 months.


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Hi :) glad to hear he is doing well

My dad Is just about to go through the op and has been told that the 5 year prognosis is 95%

Meaning 95% at his stage of cancer will not reoccurr within the 5 years

After this I do not know but reoccurrence risks reduce with time

Hope this helps



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